Family Entertainment at its Finest…and Most Inappropriate?

Sexual innuendos, beer, biker gangs…can you guess what I’m watching?  No, it’s not MTV or some trashy show on Bravo.  I’m watching the animated movie “Alpha and Omega”.  I must say the animation on this movie is adorable, and the characters are likeable, especially the butt-kicking female dogs, but sometimes it surprises me the stuff they put in kids movies today.

I’m watching this alone, and the only child we have in our house right now is a 12-year-old boy, so it’s not exactly like I am worried about someone seeing something inappropriate.  I guess the reason I really notice these things is because as a children’s writer I worry constantly while writing a story about whether I am staying safely within the boundaries of what is acceptable (especially since I write picture book stories for the young crowd).  I have a very warped sense of humor that isn’t always the most innocent, so I have to be careful that none of my jokes have a crude edge or could be taken in the wrong way.

Maybe I worry too much though.  Obviously many parents don’t care what is put in front of their child.  For instance, recently we went to see the horror movie “Insidious” and there was a family there with a girl who was around five years old.  I thought that was bad parenting, but I wonder if I am in the minority now with that opinion.  I have seen kindergartners playing Grand Theft Auto and Black Ops…not something I would ever allow, but some people are perfectly fine with it.  Am I just a prude?  What do you guys think?  Should children’s entertainment be more closely monitored?

PS…This is in no way supposed to be an attack on “Alpha and Omega”.  I am actually enjoying the movie, but bits of it did surprise me.  Of course, it is rated PG for rude humor, so maybe I shouldn’t have been taken off guard.

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