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Searching for the Truth cover

“Searching for the Truth: Poems & Prose Inspired by Our Inner Worlds” is a collection of writings focusing on subjects like spirituality, philosophy and psychology. Zen-like in its simplicity and honesty, this book is sure to make you think. Recommended for ages 13+. This book is available in Kindle ebook for $2.99 and in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $6.99 (or less).

Petar cover

“Petar, An inspiring story about an unexpected friendship” is a heartwarming short story about looking past our differences and seeing others for who they are inside. Includes an afterword from the author about the real-life child who inspired the story. Recommended for ages 7-11 (can be read independently or aloud). This ebook is available from Amazon for only $.99 per Kindle download!

From Both Sides Cover

“From Both Sides, A Look into the World of Foster Care from Those Who Know It Best” explores the emotions, issues and experiences that accompany being involved in foster care. Split into two sections, this book lets the foster kids tell things from their side and then flips around and looks at things from a foster parent’s point of view. The information in this book was collected from the author’s personal experience fostering children in her home and from multiple interviews and conversations with foster parents, current foster youth and former foster children. Recommended for ages 13+. This book is available in Kindle ebook for $2.99 and in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $6.99 (or less).

Not Afraid to Be Real

“Not Afraid to Be Real” is a fresh, outspoken poetry collection for young adults and those young at heart. Geared for ages 13+, each poem was written with the intention of being honest about the emotional ups and downs that accompany love, grief, friendship, bullying, anger, hope and all the other conflicting emotions that are a part of every teen’s transition into adulthood. Now available for $8.99 in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. There is also a Kindle ebook version available for only $2.99. (Published by Mirror Publishing)

Ode to Icky

My first published picture book, “Ode to Icky”, is currently available for $9.99 in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. There is also an ebook version of “Ode to Icky” priced at $2.99 for the Kindle. Geared for ages 4-10, this is a cute, funny story about a stinky cat and a little girl who finds a way to cash in on her pet’s hygiene issues. (Published by Mirror Publishing)

"Cats Watching from the Window"

“Stories Behind My Art” is a new outsider/folk art ebook featuring some of my favorite artworks that I have created in the past year or so. Each artwork is accompanied by a short story about what inspired it or what the piece means to me personally. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes inspiring, sometimes entertaining, this ebook is sure to make you feel something. Available from Amazon for only $.99 per Kindle download.

Through the Eyes of a Child (An Aspie's Art Journal)

“Through the Eyes of a Child (An Aspie’s Art Journal)” is a short, photographic ebook containing twenty of my early artworks, along with explanations about what inspired the idea for each piece of art. A celebration of artistic creativity and Asperger’s Syndrome, this little book depicts the beginning of my journey as an adult artist who also happens to have autism. Available from Amazon for only $.99 per Kindle download.

Vinny & Violet cover






Based on a true story, “Vinny & Violet, The Unwanted Kittens” is about a couple of kittens who were cruelly abandoned and the little girl who selflessly saves them. This short story is perfect for animal lovers ages 7-11. Not only will the story warm your heart, but it also teaches an important lesson about empathy and proper animal care. This story can be read aloud or enjoyed by independent readers. Available from Amazon for only $.99 per Kindle download.






“Whiskers and Hairballs: My Life as a Cat” is a humorous, photo-illustrated picture book that chronicles the daily ups and downs of life as a house cat. With short, simple prose, this ebook is perfect for beginning readers or for anyone that loves cats! This ebook is available from Amazon for only $.99 per Kindle download.






“Weezie, the Elephant with Allergies” is a sweet, sensitive story about an elephant who wants to be adopted. However, Weezie has a big problem, he has horrible allergies that always cause him to sneeze on prospective parents, leaving them in a puddle of snot. Will Weezie ever find the right family for him? Geared for children ages 4-10, this ebook is available on Amazon for only $.99 per Kindle download.






“In Memory of Dad” is an inspiring, uplifting story about a young girl dealing with the loss of her father. Geared for ages 8-12 this story is great for any child who is dealing with grief or loss in any form. You can purchase this ebook from Amazon for only $.99 per Kindle download.

16 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Good children’s books. I will check them out on Amazon. Please take a look at mine as well. Want a Magical, Adventurous, Exciting Book? Sasha discovers a pen she found buried in a school playground UNAWARE whatever she draws will come to LIFE. See Youtube book trailer. Amazon

    The White Gorilla and the Three Chimpanzees children book. View Youtube Buy on Amazon

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  2. I like the concept of IN MEMORY OF DAD (I never knew mine). I do not have an e-reader, so if I happen to win anything, I’d like to donate it to my daughter-in-law. Thanks for participating in this adventure.

  3. Hi, another AC friend dropping around all the trick or treat blog adventures. I love kids picture books and have a room full from having taught preschoolers most of my adult life. Yours looks fun.

    Dixie Goode

  4. Hi Maranda, would love to win one of your books, they look so appealing to kids! Will have to get an e-reader so I can get the Weezie book, my son has allergies and is always coughing and sneezing, I am sure he would love it! Thanks and I hope I win:)

    • Hi Sherri! Weezie is currently only available as an ebook, but you don’t necessarily have to have an ereader. It is available on Smashwords in many forms, for online reading, PDF file and other easy-to-read forms. I actually don’t have an ereader myself yet, so I normally read ebooks on my laptop. You can download the Kindle app for free onto your PC, laptop or certain phones on Amazon, so that is also an option!

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