Is the adoption process unnecessarily hard?

If you deal with the social service system for very long, you will no doubt start to hear complaints (and maybe even form your own) about how intrusive the system can be.  As a foster or potential adoptive parent, you will soon see and experience this firsthand.  Of course, before you can even be considered as a foster or adoptive parent you have to attend lots of classes, undergo extensive background checks, go through a lengthy home study and answer a lot of personal questions that may seem to have nothing to do with foster care or adoption. 

At first, most people don’t complain too much about this, after all, we want to make sure that children are being placed with families who are safe, sane and loving (especially considering all of the horror stories that you will see on the news about bad foster or adoptive parents).  The problem comes in when social services starts treating foster or potential adoptive parents like they are criminals or are always under suspicion. 

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One thought on “Is the adoption process unnecessarily hard?

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