Feeling guilty…

Today we had a call to see if we were interested in taking in a 4-year-old foster child.  Due to the child’s particular problems and visitation schedule, I felt that we had to say no.  I really wanted to give it a try, but on the other hand I didn’t want to bring a kid into our house and then have to have him removed within a month or two because we couldn’t take him back and forth to visitation or stay home with him all the time due to our work schedules.

Even though I know we probably made the best decision for him and for us, I still feel bad.  I keep imagining a sad little boy who might end up in a bad foster home or who really wants a family.  It was even harder to say no because we have really been wanting another child.  It’s days like this I really wish that we could be there to help everyone who needs us.  I know we can’t, but I wish we could.

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