Rough days

The last couple days have been really rough.  My foster son’s dad died unexpectedly Monday, which left us all in shock.  It fell to me to sit my foster son down and break the bad news, which was simply awful to have to do.  As the words came out of my mouth his eyes filled with tears and I just wanted to protect him from it all, but I know I can’t.

I think what made it all even worse is that my own father died when I was the same age as my foster son is now.  My father also shares the same first name with my foster son’s father which is almost downright creepy.  I think since I went through something similar at the same age, I know how much pain my foster son is feeling and I know how impossible it is to make things better for him.  I also know how having a parent die early in your life can almost rob you of your childhood.  If nothing else, it certainly robs you of any security you thought you had. 

Sometimes I wonder why God always such tragedies to befall innocent children.  Isn’t suffering abuse and neglect and being thrust into foster care enough pain for anyone to endure in their childhood?  How much more will this little boy have to go through before his life starts making sense?

4 thoughts on “Rough days

  1. I don’t really have any words Maranda . . . I’ve often wondered about the same things . . . What I can do is offer some virtual hugs and send prayers and warm, positive thoughts your way.


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