It’s been awhile…but I’m back!

I haven’t been able to write a blog post the last few days due to the fact that I sprained my rhombus muscle (the muscle that connects your arm to your spine).  Needless to say, the pain was intense and between that and the fact that the muscle relaxers and pain killers the doctor gave me put me to sleep, I haven’t exactly been in the mood to write. 

However…I do have some good news!  Just this past week I landed a ghostwriting job for a client that publishes educational material for elementary schools.  I’m happy about this because I’ve been dying to break into the children’s publishing industry, so I figure the experience (and the money) will be great for my career.  I won’t have my name published on the material, but I do get paid good money and can get a good reference and relevant experience to add to my bio.

No more news about my picture book that is being considered for publication.  They said that they usually make final decisions in June about which picture books they are publishing in the upcoming year.  When the editor last emailed me she said “talk to you in June”, so I’m hoping that is a good sign!

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