“How to Hug” – an adorable picture book for small children

A great read for little ones.

The picture book “How to Hug”, written by Maryann McDonald and illustrated by Jana Christy is a creative look at the world of hugging.  It not only gives instructions on how to hug the right way, but it also gives many funny hugging scenarios that you will want to avoid.  After all, no one wants to get stuck or freeze while they are hugging someone else.  The book is also an encyclopedia of hugging for kids, explaining the different kind of hugs that exist, such as the bear hug, the guess-who hug and the sandwich hug.

The artwork in this book is truly delightful and will likely have both children and their parents laughing.  The artwork is full of fluffy, cute animals and little boys and girls who are experimenting with hugging.  Your child will have fun watching what happens as the characters find themselves in unusual, sometimes hilarious situations.  When you read this story to your toddler, you are sure to get a hug in return, which makes the reading more than worthwhile. 

“How to Hug” is available from the publisher, Marshall Cavendish, or you can order it from Amazon.com.

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