Work, work, concerts and movies

Yesterday I worked some more on my picture book that is soon to be published, and today I am putting the finishing touches on another manuscript for a picture book that another publisher has expressed interest in.  I feel a little overwhelmed, and wonder how hard it will be to go through the editorial process with both books at the same time, but looking on the bright side, if both are published around the same time, I will be able to promote them together and take both to book signings and readings, which will save me a ton of time.

Keep your fingers crossed that my second book is accepted.  The publisher seemed pretty excited about it, but you never know until you actually sign the contract.  Due to all the work on my books, I have been letting my columns slide a bit, hopefully that will pay off in the long run!

Somehow even with all this going on, and the ever-present pressures and responsibilities of foster parenting, I have found the time to do some recreational activities.  This past weekend my husband, Steve, and I went to a free concert at the park, where we listened to the Highway Junkies, a local band that can really play.  They perform everything from AC/DC to Johnny Cash, so it’s quite a range, and somehow they make it all sound good!

Yesterday for Memorial Day we cooked out for dinner and went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Since Captain Jack was still in the movie, it was great.  I think all the other characters pale in comparison to Captain Jack’s awesomeness.  By the way, can’t wait to see Mr. Popper’s Penguins!  I loved that book as a kid and it looks like the movie will be both hilarious and adorable!  I want a penguin of my own!!!

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