Envying Audrey Hepburn

Sitting here watching ‘Funny Face’ starring Audbrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.  It’s a lovely movie, but then again I love most of Audrey’s movies.  However, watching her films kind of depresses me.  Partly because she is just so elegant and beautiful, she’s full of class and sophistication, something a tomboy like me could only dream of.

Her films often have a sort of fairy tale-like quality to them that makes you wish life could really be like that.  Maybe part of it is just the fact that we all tend to romanticize the past, and the era of gentlemen and true ladies seems to have passed us by, but it feels like something is really missing from the world today when you watch classics like that.

Maybe I am just a romantic young fool with an old soul, but I wish I could wake up in an Audrey Hepburn world and just enjoy the novelty of it all for a while.  Modern life with its many conveniences may benefit our lazy society, but sometimes you just want more.

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