‘Once Upon a Tooth…a Fairy’s Tale’

The new picture book, ‘Once Upon a Tooth…a Fairy’s Tale’, written by Vickie Adair and illustrated by Charlene Bostick, is a delightful story for those of all ages who still believe in magic.  Although the story is obviously geared more towards children, I still found myself engrossed in the story and felt more than a twinge of nostalgia for the childhood I left behind years ago.

At first glance, this book may seem like just another take on the classic tooth fairy story, but it is actually much more than that.  Although the story does explain how the tooth fairy legend came to be, it tells a much more important tale of magic, love and friendship.

The main character, Eeling, is a fairy who finds herself drawn to humans and curious about their world.  When Eeling goes to try and talk to the humans, she finds that only small children can see or hear her.  Over time, she befriends and watches over one special little girl named Susie.  As Susie grows older, she begins to lose her magic and forgets about her fairy friend.  However, Eeling is a faithful friend and finds her own way to still watch over Susie and bring the occasional magical moment to Susie’s life.

While the tale is sad, it is also full of hope and affection.  It’s nice to think that the magic we once believed in as children is still around us and continues to positively impact our lives.  The illustrations that accompany the story are beautiful and do seem to hold a sort of old world charm within them.  To me, the pictures seemed highly influenced by Celtic legends, but that could be just my imagination.

If you would like to read the book yourself, you can purchase it from Amazon.com.  You can even take a peek inside before buying!  The book is available in a Kindle edition for $9.99 or traditional hardcover for $14.95.  You can also find out more about the book by visiting the Third Coast Publishers website.

16 thoughts on “‘Once Upon a Tooth…a Fairy’s Tale’

  1. This book is a fabulous example of sister power – Vickie and Charlene have collaborated to create a book for all ages that will surely be shared generation-to-generation. It is both timeless and timely. I am so glad I own this book and can’t wait for more.


  2. Maybe this is the story that gets parents reading to children at bed time. Maybe this is the book that a child can say “But Daddy..why” .
    Maybe this is the book that’s designed tio become a children’s classic.
    It should be !
    Congratulations Vickie.


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