Too Easily Influenced? I know I sure am!!!

My husband often jokes about how easily influenced I am.  Like yesterday, I was sitting in the bathtub reading a book, when suddenly the author mentioned fresh-baked chocolate cookies.  As soon as I drained the water from the tub, I headed to the kitchen to make a batch of no bakes.  This is a repeating pattern in my life.  A commercial comes on for Taco Bell?  I want Mexican!  Pizza Hut has a new pizza?  I must have Italian!  Ni Hao Kai-Lan is on?  Chinese for dinner!  And I want a cute little koala friend as well!

Besides the potential for making me chubby, this tendency to go with whatever catches my eye can sometimes be a danger to my career as well.  How so?  Because I forget what I’m really good at when something else inspires me or catches my eye.  I have noticed this with my hobbies.  I have gone through phases of jewelry-making, sewing, yoga, drawing, photography, playing various musical instruments, cooking, dancing and many other now forgotten obsessions.  Not that any of these things are bad…they are all fun in their own way and can be educational.

My problem is I seem to get obsessed for a short period of time and then move on to another interest.  Except for writing, I rarely ever stay with anything for any length of time.  Plus, when I let all of these other things suck me in too far, I often neglect my writing, the one talent that I really want to cultivate.

My writing itself can be highly influenced as well.  I know what my style is and what genres I really should stick with, but when I read a great work of art, it makes me want to recreate the magic.  When I was reading Harry Potter, I wanted to write the next great fantasy series.  When I used to read Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes, I wanted to write a mystery series.  Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss make me want to rhyme, and Edgar Allan Poe makes me want to scare people.  Reading manga makes me want to write a comic book (even if I can’t draw worth a crap).  And in the meantime, while all of these internal monologues rage about what I could write, the projects that I should be working on languish.

Sometimes all this makes me wonder…is there a specific kind of ADD that only attacks writers or other creative types?  Maybe I just need some Ritalin.  Or some self-discipline.  Or another cookie…I just saw another commercial 🙂

9 thoughts on “Too Easily Influenced? I know I sure am!!!

  1. Are we related? The other day after watching Food Revolution regarding how disgusting cookie dough in ice cream is that’s all I’ve been thinking about… how disgusting it is and how badly I want some! I haven’t caved yet…

    And yes, I have so many unfinished projects and desires to pursue but my love of writing trumps it all. Except for the marketing aspect that writing has now become I’ve been limiting what I’ve been spending my time doing… outside of reading all the time, marketing, working full time, spending time with my family, I’ve been focusing on writing too lol


    1. I’m glad I didn’t watch that show since I love cookie dough in ice cream and don’t want to think about how disgusting it is! It’s like after I read “Supersize Me”, I really wanted McDonald’s, even after all of the horrible stuff that was in the book and documentary!


  2. OMG, those cookies look absolutely devilish! I think I can eat the whole plate. Like you I too am easily influenced by food and other DIY things on TV. I like to think of myself as a Renaissance woman. I’ll master one of my interests someday.


    1. Yeah, I really shouldn’t have used the photo of the cookies, because now every time I see the post on my blog, it makes me want to go make more (since the ones I did make were gone in less than a day!)


  3. Did you just write my bio??? I believe that creative minds are like that in general. I had to stop watching tv. I feel completely related to this. Same thing happened to me after I read Harry Potter and Twilight. Now, I am into short stories. It is crazy! When I used to watch Project Runway, I wanted to be the next great designer, and when I watched those shows about bakers decorating this amazing cakes, I wanted to do that too. But after all the mistery is gone, I always want to go back to writing again. Thanks for sharing this. Now I know I am not alone. Great blog by the way.


    1. Thanks for checking out my blog Mariely! I’m surprised at how many authors could really relate to this post. I guess a lot of us are pretty easily influenced or distracted!


  4. I fully understand where you are coming from about obsessing over one thing for a few months then putting it down. I have fishing equipment that I bought two years ago that haven’t seen the water, but six months before that you couldn’t get me off the lake. I am obsessed with writing because it is therapeutic for my disorder, but I too have found this to really stick. It has been 2 years writing, and I still have books to write!


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