‘Quirky Kids’ Zoo’ – The World’s Most Unusual Zoo?

The new picture book, ‘Quirky Kids’ Zoo’, which was written by Pat Brannon and illustrated by Jimena Pinto-Kroujiline, is a fun foray into an imaginary zoo.  At this zoo, animals don’t just sit behind the cages and stare at visitors, they put on a show!  From skating gorillas to water-skiing buffaloes, these animals are sure to appeal to your child’s sense of humor.

The illustrations that accompany the rhyming text are colorful and cute.  Each animal was drawn with quite a bit of personality, so your child will never get bored while flipping through the pictures.  As for the rhymes, they flow well and tell the story without seeming contrived.  The rhythm is good, so parents who read this aloud will find the experience pleasant.  I know some parents are weary of rhyming stories because they have read too many that feel forced, but this book is truly a pleasure to read.

For those parents who want reading time to not only be entertaining, but educational as well, ‘Quirky Kids’ Zoo’ will meet both of those demands.  Each page teaches a number, starting with the number one and progressing up to number twenty-five.  The numbers refer to each group of animals, so your child will have fun counting the animals on each page.  They probably won’t even realize that they are learning their numbers, but you will!  This is a great book to read together with your child, so that you can reinforce the number concepts and make reading time an interactive experience.

If you would like to order ‘Quirky Kids’ Zoo’ for your little one, you can order a copy from Amazon, Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble.  To see more books written by Pat Brannon, please visit her author website, PatBrannon.com.

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