To Keep or Not to Keep…That is the Question

Tonight at church we found a couple kittens who had been abandoned in the parking lot.  They were inside a cardboard box, but other than that, hadn’t been left with any necessities.  We don’t know how long they had been there, but they could have been there since Sunday.  The little guys were starving, but more than that, one of them was obviously ill.  We took them home, gave them a bath, fed them and then tucked them in for the night.

Originally the plan was to drop them off at a shelter tomorrow, but now it’s getting harder to do that.  I told myself I WOULD NOT GET ATTACHED, but then we gave them names and took care of them and snuggled up to them…I worry that it won’t be that easy to part with them now.  We need to make a decision soon, after all, one of them really needs medical care, but should we pay for a vet visit or just take it to the shelter and let the vets there heal it?

Now that I think about it, we probably shouldn’t have given them names, because it will only make it MUCH harder to consider giving them up…but on the other hand, we already have three cats…do we really want five?

Here are some photos of these kittens after their bath.  The first two photos are of Ichabod.  He (or she) looks pretty healthy and is a very loving butterball.  The last two photos are of the sick kitty.  He (or she) is severely underweight, and I figure it probably has worms.  This one is tentatively named Mao…but make sure you say it right…like a cat would.

12 thoughts on “To Keep or Not to Keep…That is the Question

  1. Wow, hard decision. Pat is also allergic to cats. We have two inside cats and couple of outside stray cats that we put food out for, possums and raccoons also eat the food. If you are as miserable as Pat sometimes is you might want to find a shelter who does not put down cats if the are not adopted right away. Pat takes shots twice a week.


  2. Awwwh! That is a tough decision! Those kittens are both so cute! I wish I could add them to my family. But if Mao probably only has worms, he/she will probably be okay with the vets at the shelter if you end up leaving them there.


    1. The sick one turned out to be a female. She was actually deathly ill and almost died today, but the vet said she was a fighter and held on. She isn’t out of the woods yet, but she is hanging on.


  3. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to part with little cuties like that either.. Good LUCK! 🙂 We now have two big beautiful brother cats from the shelter because my hubby went “looking at ” kittens… they are irresistible!


    1. They sure are irresistible! Especially now that we know that one of them is critically ill and needs to be nursed back to health. If she does make it through, I know there is no way we will be able to give her up after all that!


    1. I wanted to give an update. The littlest one that was really sick passed away tonight. We tried everything we could to save her, but she was just too weak. She was dehydrated, malnourished, anemic, hypoglycemic and her body temperature wouldn’t regulate on its own. I hope if any of you ever have a sick pet that you will have a heart and not abandon that pet in a cardboard box in a church parking lot. Because of someone’s lack of conscience, this kitty died away from everything and everyone she had ever known.


  4. Ah, these critters are just destined to give someone companionship! My husband and I find kittens in our yard often. As a shelter volunteer, I know the difficulties of placing them. Once 4 kittens arrived together. We were able to place 2. Izzie and Jaguar Paws remain with us to this day. While in the phase of finding a home, Jag, the outgoing one, ran off. He was larger, and very adept at catching prey. We placed Enya & Edgar (named by the folks who took them), but Izzie was still here. I witnessed the moment Jag returned to our yard. They nuzzled their noses. The reunion was so emotional. Luckily Izzie knew just how to convince my husband that they were already “placed” in our home. She walked through his legs and looked up at him. He came from watering the veggies to tell me. They have been the best pets too! Good luck on your decision. If you can take them in, great! If you can find them a home, great too!


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