4th of July, Sinus Infections, Sick Kittens and Diarrhea Duty

My husband with Po Poe Mao. See what I mean about the crazy eye whiskers?

The last week has been kind of crazy.  We took home two abandoned kittens and tried to nurse them back to health.  The sickest one didn’t make it despite our best efforts, but the healthier one is now a part of the family.

We named the new little one Po Poe Mao (after Po from Kung Fu Panda, Edgar Allan Poe and the Chinese dictator Mao).  I know the name sounds a little like a Chinese dish, but he looks kind of Asian with his weird white whiskers against his black face.  He has white whiskers not only around his mouth, but also above his eyes, so it gives him a unique look.  He is a tuxedo cat which made me happy because I have always loved those and wanted one.

Besides nursing Mao back to health (and cleaning up a bunch of diarrhea along the way), we have also been busy with our normal foster care duties, July 4th festivities and work.  I came down with a sinus and ear infection too, so it’s just been one heck of a good time this week.

We did go to the fireworks last night, but it wasn’t the same without our foster son who has been with us for over two years.  He is now getting weekend visits with his family, so he doesn’t get to do much fun stuff with us.  It’s amazing how attached you can get to someone in two years, even if you are complete strangers at first.

I am also working on revisions for another picture book that may or may not be published soon, and am working out the plot to a new story in my head.  Sometimes the story just writes itself if I let it simmer awhile.  I need to do some book reviews, but probably won’t get around to that until Tuesday at least.  Tomorrow is a holiday, so I’m taking the day off and going to the zoo!!!

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