Do you believe in ghosts???

This weekend we have been at our church family camp.  We haven’t had a lot of extra time to do sightseeing, but in what little time we did have, we visited several historical, supposedly haunted places.  There was the Knox County Poorhouse which was really more like an insane asylum where the unwanted of society got dumped.  So many people died from the horrible conditions there, that they started secretly burying them in unmarked graves.  Some of these graves are still found today.  Later the poorhouse became a Bible College, where there was a horrible elevator accident that killed several people.  All of these lost souls are said to haunt the property.

Then we went to the Curtis Mansion, a house that is in horrible disrepair today, but must have been spectacular in its day.  It is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

Our last stop was at Kenyon College where supposedly there is a gateway to hell…in fact, even the church itself is said to stand on the hellmouth…quite a story huh?  Of course, the college has had a lot of deaths that make it a good haunting spot.  Nine students died in a fire, several students committed suicide, a few met mysterious deaths and a couple kids were involved in train or vehicle accidents on campus.

So did we see anything?  Not really.  We took some pics that we haven’t been able to post yet, so I will see if anything showed up on those.  I could tell there were some very strange light patterns in some of the pictures, but not sure what caused that.

I often get asked why I like to visit haunted spots.  Do I really believe in ghosts?  Well, I don’t know.  I have certainly experienced some odd things in my life that I couldn’t explain, but I don’t know why those things happened.  For instance, in my grandparents’ house, you could often hear footsteps overhead when no one was there.  There was also a bloodstain upstairs that would vanish when you washed it, but would soon show up again exactly as it was before.

In my childhood home, where an elderly lady died, things would often mysteriously move or things would fall from the wall and end up on the other side of the room…not really sure what was going on.  The oddest incidence was probably when my grandmother died though.  After her death, an anniversary lamp that her and my grandpa had gotten on their wedding day constantly flickered on and off.  Even unplugged it would continue to flicker.  However, the day she was buried, the strange activity ended and never happened again.  Coincidence?  I don’t know…but certainly weird.

I know that many fellow Christians think ghosts are unreal or are caused by demons.  I’m not sure about that.  My grandma was a strong Christian…one of the greatest I’ve known.  I have also known faithful Christians who saw loved ones after they died, and those “ghosts” told their living loved ones that heaven is glorious and to keep living for God.  Why would a demon encourage others to live for God?  Plus, many ghost stories are positive tales of ghosts who have saved the lives of loved ones or helped those in times of need…would demons do that?  And if they are angels, why not just appear as angels instead of ghosts?

I don’t have the answers and won’t pretend that I do.  But I know there is much more out there than we can see…who knows how it all happens or what it is…but I must admit it does fascinate me.

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8 thoughts on “Do you believe in ghosts???”

  1. I agree, Miranda, there is much more out there than we can see. I have an open mind and want the scientific evidence. When my mom passed away, a beautiful pink geranium she gave me perished. She brought it up to me as a picked flower. Carefully she wrapped it in moist paper towels to deliver it to me from Carmel, CA. I live quite a distance north of Carmel. It flourished in my garden, producing healthy leaves & bold pink petals. I called it my Carmel Geranium. Who can say why it died when she did, but it did and I noticed it right away when spring arrived. I waited for it to rise again.

    When my husband’s father passed away, it was 11 p.m. at 10:55, my husband was having a dream which woke me up. He told me that he dreamed his father was outside at the gate calling out his name. In the dream, Jim gets up to look out the window only to see his father running down the street. Shortly after 11 p.m., our phone rang. It was Jim’s mom calling to convey his father just passed.

    Is it our mind? Who knows what it is but I believe it is our connection. People who died, in my life, somehow make it into my dreams. I see them and they talk to me. At age 20, I lost a good friend (18) to an auto accident. For a week, every night, she came to my bedside and held my hand.

    Do I believe in ghosts? I don’t believe I do but when I was 18, at my grandmother’s, I was heating up some food. I was there after many years being away. Our family had a dog, Snowball, since I was age 3 or 4. She passed just before I arrived. In the kitchen heating up food, I heard her come up the steps. It didn’t phase me in the least. When she got to the top of the stairs, my peripheral vision saw her enter the kitchen and walk past me. I said, “Hello Snowball.” Then I said, “Hello Snowball?” Realizing that just couldn’t be what I saw. How can I explain the experience?

    Just sharing~ Keep posting.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing Lynn! I love to hear other people’s experiences with loved ones passing on and eerie coincidences or perhaps even divine interventions and occurences. I find the story about Snowball and your friend who died and came to hold your hand in your dreams every night fascinating. It kind of makes me think of how after my dad died I dreamed that he came back (even though I knew in the dream that he was supposed to be dead). He comforted me and even played some catch with me with a tennis ball over by our sandbox. The next day I found a tennis ball lying in the grass close to the sandbox, which was very odd because no one else played with the tennis balls but me and I know I hadn’t left it down there. I also once dreamed about a friend’s husband a night or two after he passed on. In the dream he asked me to relay some stuff to his family, but I never did, I worried they would think I was crazy. Now I wonder if I should have said something. Of course, I was young and quite shy at the time.


      1. Thank you for your post. I can understand why you withheld that information and I am shy about sharing too. It’s neat to find a kindred spirit! 🙂 If you feel comfortable today, you may just convey, once I had this dream and in it he said this. I feel like sharing that now with you….If it resonates, that’s wonderful!

        I have always had weird dreams & had been visiting my best friend in Maine, after leaving home. We met on Adak, Alaska at age 15, and now, at age 18, I went to see her before college. I woke up from a disturbing dream of saving my family from an erupting volcano. I had reached inside the crater to just pull them out. Of course, they were in the Aleutians, and I in Maine. What is funny is at the time of the dream, they were visiting Attu. Returning from Attu, they sailed past a volcano that erupted. The side of the volcano fell into the very cold ocean causing a huge steam cloud rising up from the waters. My stepfather conveyed the story to me. I definitely think we are all connected.

        Another incident that would occur often is seeing a letter in my dream, addressed to me and I could see the return address, read the letter, etc. Then shortly after the dream, I’d get a letter from that person. It was from someone I cared deeply about~again, connection. 🙂


    1. Thanks for visiting, glad you liked the article! I’m still not where I’d like to be traffic-wise, but I am steadily growing. Keep at it, you’ll get there! Feel free to come back anytime!!!


  2. Very nice writing and nice comments. Thank you for the follow on pinterest which led me to your blog. I like this article because, even with all my upbringing and the fact that my father is an ordained priest in the Orthodox church (Orthodox Church of America, similar to the Greek Orthodox but Americanized), we are taught to believe that ghosts don’t exist but my thought on this is totally different – if there is the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost one and with the Father God, then why can’t there be other ghosts? If our souls are the spirits and our life, then who’s to say that when we pass on physically our spirits don’t continue to exist, some even coming back in another life form or a future life to meet up with the previous life person’s spirit to continue what was started or to settle matters that were unresolved at the time of the physical body’s demise.

    I believe in reincarnation and ghosts and spirits and even guardian angels and other angels looking out for us and our connections. My story is vague but as for angels, I believe I had one visit me when I was about 12. My father was in the military, we had lived in Germany and when we came back stateside, he was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. My best friend in Germany and her family came back some time after we did; we got notice that they were flying into the Charleston area at such and such date/time. My grandmother lived in Columbia, SC at the time and so we went to stay with my grandmother for a day or two, headed to Charleston to meet up my friend’s family and waited and waited and waited; they never showed up; we headed back to my grandmother’s house for a short overnight visit/stay and then headed home to Kentucky. When we got home, that night when I was definitely sound asleep (back then, I liked my room totally dark – no outside lights shining in my room, slept with the door closed and windows darker than anything) I awoke because my room was lighted; not like a night light or bedside or even overhead light, but a white light/glow. I started at the corner of my room and this lady figure told me not to be scared and to not worry about my friend that they were safe and would be in the States within a day or two; she told me something had happened to the flight they were supposed to be on and that they had to be delayed a couple of days. She reassured me they were safe and that we would see each other in the future. She was very comforting and told me to go back to sleep and by time I had put my head back on the pillow she was gone and my room was once again dark. I told my mother about it the next morning and that was all that was said about it. I did see my friend in the future but it wasn’t like the immediate future to that time; it was about 23 years after then that I located her and her family and went to visit her.

    So yes, ghosts and angels do exist and they are always looking out for us in some way. Thank you for posting this and allowing me the opportunity to post my comment – E 🙂

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Finally Home, a Kelly Watson, YA, paranormal mystery

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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I really appreciate it. Your story about the angel visitation was fascinating! I love stories like that. I hope you visit my blog again!


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