“Sustenance” – young adult eBook review

The new young adult eBook “Sustenance”, written by Kayla Cargiulo, is an interesting mix of several science fiction themes.  Even though the story is relatively short, it tells a compelling story about aliens, emotional vampires and romance.

Although I don’t actually remember the word vampire being used in the book, some of the creatures seem to exist off the emotions of others, so it reminds me of the mythological “emotional vampires” that are said to still exist today in different parts of the world.

The actual plot of the story centers around a girl named Contessa Manoso.  Tess is sort of a lost soul who indulges in promiscuity and other forms of wild living to fill the emptiness she has inside.  Shortly into the story, Tess is involved in a deadly accident that changes her entire world and introduces her to a mysterious silver-haired man named Samson who holds the answers to all of the questions that have always plagued her.  Samson also seems to hold a strange attraction for Tess that is far beyond all the superficial sexual encounters that she has experienced in the past.  Now Tess not only has to deal with the truth of who she really is, but she also has to cope with the heartbreak that can accompany falling in love.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but I would like to say that this is only the first volume of what will likely be a series.  At the end of the story, many of the major problems facing Contessa are still unresolved and several lives hang in the balance.  This story definitely held my interest enough that I will be looking forward to the sequel.

This story would be a great pick for any readers who like supernatural romance or science fiction.  However, I would like to caution parents of young preteens or teens.  Although this book is considered a young adult story, it may not be appropriate for preteens or younger teenagers due to the sexual content.  The story is definitely not explicit or extremely graphic in its sexual descriptions, but there is sexual activity and I know many parents are uncomfortable with their younger children reading that kind of literature.

Of course, the decision of whether a book is appropriate for your child is ultimately up to you as the parent.  Personally, I think most teens who are 15 and older would be fine reading this book, but children younger than that might not be mature enough yet.  Of course, each child matures at their own pace, so you might want to keep that in mind when choosing literature for your teen.

Overall, this story is a fun fantasy that would appeal not only to teens but to adult women as well.  To find out more about this book, or to order a copy, please feel free to visit Smashwords or BarnesandNoble.com.

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