“Marshall and his green high-tops” picture book review

“Marshall and his green high-tops”, which was written by Camille Blue Amy and illustrated by Lorena Pugh, is an enchanting story about a little mouse who has his heart set on owning his very own pair of green high-tops.

Marshall Mouse and his family live above a human laundry room.  Marshall spends a lot of his time staring down into the laundry room, but from his vantage point the only thing he can really see is shoes, all kind of shoes, including a special pair of green high-tops.  Marshall’s family tries to warn him that mice don’t wear shoes, but nothing will convince this young mouse to let go of his dream.

Soon, Marshall’s family decides to surprise their little mouse with his very own pair of green high-tops.  However, Marshall soon finds that there may be good reasons why mice don’t wear shoes after all.  Will Marshall’s prize possession only bring him heartache, or can he find a way to use the sneakers to bring happiness to the entire family?

This story is fun and cute, and is sure to delight children, especially those who have a soft spot for mice.  Parents will like the fact that the book carries important messages, such as the importance of listening to your elders, being true to yourself and working together as a family.

The illustrations are of exceptionally high quality.  Even though the publisher isn’t a big publishing house, the appearance of the book would rival the largest publishing houses out there.  The illustrator has a definite talent for showing emotion in her characters.  Some of the pictures are drawn so well that you can almost feel the sadness or joy of the mice simply by staring into their eyes.

If you would like to find out more about this book, or order a copy for yourself, please visit the Marshall Mouse website at www.marshallmouse.com.  Here you will be able to see a youtube book trailer and get information on additional pages and events related to Marshall.

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