“Mo Wren, Lost and Found” Middle Grade Book Review

“Mo Wren, Lost and Found” is the sequel to “What Happened on Fox Street”, a highly celebrated book by Tricia Springstubb.

“What Happened on Fox Street” laid the foundation for the story, introducing Mo Wren, her spunky little sister Dottie and the rest of the Wren family.  It also set up a chain of events that would eventually cause Mo to leave her beloved home on Fox Street.  “Lost and Found” picks up the story at this point, showing the heartaches, troubles, fears and realities that accompany big changes, such as moving to a new home.

After making the big move, Mo struggles to move on from the past.  She wants to cling to the people, comforts and memories of her old life, but realizes that her life has changed for good.  However, this knowledge does not stop her longing for the familiar world of Fox Street.  To make things even rougher, her sister and father seem to have moved on without looking back, which only makes Mo feel more alone.

As the story progresses, Mo does start to adapt and show a resilient spirit, but not without a fair share of growing pains.  The story is told with warmth and honesty, a refreshing element to find in any genre, but particularly in children’s literature.  Some of the issues dealt with in the book are pretty deep, such as grief, acceptance and loneliness.  Children will like this story because it is quirky, funny and imaginative.  The characters are far more than the one-dimensional caricatures found in many children’s books, creating realistic people with genuine problems.

I would definitely recommend this book to girls in the 8-12 age range.  To find out more about “Mo Wren, Lost and Found” and its prequel, “What Happened on Fox Street”, please visit the author’s website, www.triciaspringstubb.com.  You can also find information there about where the books are available for purchase.

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