“Who Am I?” Picture Book Review

“Who Am I?” is an inspirational picture book produced by Panda Heart Publishing, a company that focuses all of their attention on making the world better for children and helping each person, no matter how small, find the truth of who they are inside.

Written by Suzanne Mulcahy and illustrated by Patty O’Rourke, “Who Am I?” is a unique picture book.  Its main character, Yin, is an adorable panda bear who is searching for his own identity.  By asking his mother a series of profound questions, Yin comes to see that there are many parts that make up who he is, but perhaps the most important part of all is his heart.

And why is the heart so important?  Because it contains your ability to love as well as some special gifts that only you can share with the world.  By the last page, Yin is proud of who he is and all that he has to offer, a feeling that would change the lives of children all over the world if they were only allowed to see the power that lies in their own humanity.

I would definitely recommend this book for younger children, particularly those who are starting to recognize their individuality.  Books like this are great for helping children attain a healthy self-image and become more self-aware.  It should also be mentioned that the author, Suzanne Mulcahy, has been a licensed school psychologist for over 25 years, so she has a great deal of experience in helping children find their place in the world.

If you would like to find out more about this book, the author or the other products offered by Panda Heart Publishing, please visit www.pandaheartpublishing.com.

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