“Mountain Goats are Kids like You!” Book Review

It’s rare that I review children’s non-fiction, but “Mountain Goats are Kids like You!” is one non-fiction picture book that reads as easily as fiction. The book was written by Rena Jones and uses her professional-quality photos as illustrations. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, which is really no surprise considering that they were all taken within the boundaries of Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana.

I must admit that while reading this book, I learned things that I didn’t know about mountain goats! What I like best about the book though is that the author manages to teach important facts about these animals by involving the reader personally. The entire book is interactive, inviting its readers to answer questions and study the photos for various clues.

As the title would suggest, the bulk of the book helps children better understand mountain goats by comparing the similarities between growing up as a goat and growing up as a human. This approach allows children to put themselves in the place of these beautiful animals and imagine what it would really be like to grow up as a ‘kid’ in the wild.

This book would be a great addition to any family or educational library, but I would especially recommend this book for children between the ages of 4 and 8. If your child loves animals, this is a must-read, but even if your children normally stick to fiction, you might be pleasantly surprised by their reaction to this little gem of a book.

To order a copy of “Mountain Goats are Kids like You!” or to find out more about its author, Rena Jones, please visit the author’s website.


6 thoughts on ““Mountain Goats are Kids like You!” Book Review

  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my book, Maranda. I especially love how you mentioned it’s interactive for the kids. Mountain goats are a big deal in Montana and the main animal people come to see when they visit Glacier. I’ve watched children (including my own) when they’ve spotted them. Kids just adore them, especially the babies. Thank you again!


  2. This does sound wonderful and I just know my son will love it in a few years as he’s addicted to the zoo and goats especially already.

    Keep up the writing and picture taking, Rena. Even from the cover I know the rest is beautiful.


  3. So glad I came across this! My two year old daughter is obsessed with mountain goats, I’m not sure how or why- we’ve never come across one! I think this will be perfect for her. 🙂


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