Amateur art, weird dreams and inspiring lizards

I am an amateur artist 🙂 I don’t try to be a professional, academic or intellectual artist. I just have fun, experiment and see where my creativity takes me. Sometimes things turn out horrible and sometimes they turn out looking pretty darn cool (to me at least). My goal is not to be rich or become the next Picasso, I just want to create like a child – with that unexplainable, undeniable joy that most adults sadly lack. With that said, I thought I would share a few of my most recent
“works” and the stories behind them. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to take out your own markers, crayons or paints and just have fun!

"Dream Snake" in marker
“Dream Snake” in marker

The above picture, simply titled “Dream Snake” was inspired by a strange dream I had. In the dream, an orange snake that looked just like the one in the picture chased me around. Instead of slithering around, it rolled around like a baton and its “pom poms” on the side shook and sounded kind of like a rattler as it chased me. At one point in the dream, I jumped out of the way and the snake rolled off the edge of the floor and turned into a ghost-man on a horse before crashing into a sewer hole far below. Man, dreams are weird, aren’t they?

The following two pictures are both inspired by the same thing, the skin of a lizard. This particular lizard had green & yellow scales with reddish dots on its skin. The patterns and colors really caught my attention and came out when I sat down to draw and paint. Would you ever guess the two following pictures were inspired by the same thing?

"Lizard Skin" in marker
“Lizard Skin” in marker
"Lizard Skin #2" in watercolor
“Lizard Skin #2” in watercolor

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little art break. If you did, please hit the “like” button or leave a comment so I will know!

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