The Idea of People

"Lust and Envy" by Maranda Russell

The Idea of People
Written By: Maranda Russell

I love the idea of people,
but I must admit
the reality
often fails to meet
my high expectations.

6 thoughts on “The Idea of People

  1. I love this — I can relate so much. I have so many theoretical ideas about how every single person has such dignity and value, and something to teach us, but in practice I tend to avoid social interactions with most people (especially ones I don’t know). This sounds crazy, but in practice I’ve noticed that I often find it easiest to relate to/empathize with emoticons — even simple smile or frown ones — as if they’re actual people! I think it’s because I know I can trust the authenticity of the emotions depicted, whereas with actual people I’m aware there might be some complex set of social cues/body language I’m not reading properly. Ah, Aspergers.

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