Feeling Invisible

Invisible_man movie clip, public domain

Any of you ever feel invisible? Most likely, you are human, so you have felt that way at some point in your life. Unfortunately, I feel that way a lot. I’m not sure if it is the bipolar, the autism, or the fact that I am simply a hermit, but I struggle with feelings of invisibility a lot and sometimes feeling like I don’t even really exist, which is a super weird feeling in itself.

Anyhow, as I was feeling pretty darn invisible lately, I looked up some quotes about the feeling and decided to share a few of my favorites here:

“It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible and entirely ignored.” ~ David Levithan

“I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” ~ Ralph Ellison

“But most days, I wander around feeling invisible. Like I’m a speck of dust floating in the air that can only be seen when a shaft of light hits it.” ~ Sonya Sones

And lastly, some words from our old friend Eeyore:

“I didn’t notice you were here.”
“That’s all right,” Eeyore said as he sat down. “Nobody ever does.”

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Hi! I am an artist, author, and blogger who also happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. I have won several awards and honors for my writings and artwork. I suffer from a few severe mental illness and chronic pain conditions (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Ehlers Danlos, Degenerative Disc Disease, etc.), which greatly affects my life and makes me want to advocate for others going through similar things. Other interests of mine include reading, writing, drawing, watching cartoons and movies, collecting toys, hanging out with my family, and annoying my 3 cats.

12 thoughts on “Feeling Invisible”

  1. Definitely I often feel a kind of invisibility. For quite a few of my teenage years I actually gave a lot of credence to the idea of “solipsism” (before I’d even heard of it!), which holds it possible that only “I” exist, that everything and everyone else are just a projection of my mind and don’t have their own existence. Though come to think of it, that’s actually the exact reverse of your occasional feeling that you don’t really exist. But really, the underlying feeling is the same: of extreme alienation and of being locked within oneself, incapable of real relationships with others.

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    1. Solipsism is actually almost my idea of a hell scenario lol. The idea that maybe I am God and am all alone, so I am imagining or dreaming all this just to pass time or because I am so lonely I had to make “imaginary friends”. Scary thought! I do think about that now and then and it horrifies me.


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