Rejection Issues – Am I Overreacting?

I tend to be an overly sensitive person who easily feels rejected or uncared for by people who may not actually mean to make me feel that way. I know I have some self-esteem issues and take things personally too often. Right now there is a situation that is leaving me wondering if I am feeling legitimately rejected or if I am overreacting a little bit, so I figured I would share my feelings here and see what others think.

There is a person in my life, a close family member, that is sending me rather mixed messages and honestly confusing me. What is confusing to me is that when I do talk to this person, they say they really miss me and love me, but they rarely ever call me and even if I call them, they often take days to bother getting back to me, if they do at all. Is it unreasonable that this is leaving me feeling like they don’t really care?

I will say that the relationship in question already has a lot of “water under the bridge” so to say. There is a lot of hurt and a sense of betrayal from the past, which this person has often promised to make up for, but the way they actually act towards me makes me wonder if they really want to mend the relationship at all.

14 responses to “Rejection Issues – Am I Overreacting?”

  1. I have definitely been in your shoes before, feeling hurt by someone’s words/actions and plagued by the fact that I cannot read the other person’s mind to understand the motive. Personally, I don’t feel like it’s a case of you overreacting or not. The feelings are there and you can honor them; it’s not unreasonable because you have a reason. A good one, it seems. Perhaps that stuff you feel that is water under the bridge is actually contributing to the reaction you’re having now – unresolved issues that you need more from this person to be able to mend? Which you obviously aren’t getting at the moment, and makes it all feel more awful! If you feel at all like this relationship is worth mending, could you continue to reach out and talk honestly about these feelings? And if not, still allow yourself to feel and explore them. Being sensitive does not have to be a bad thing.

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    • That is part of the problem too, that this person is very hard to speak openly and honestly with because they tend to somehow misread or misunderstand everything I say, which I’m not sure if they do intentionally to gaslight me or whether they are that insecure themselves. I do want to mend the relationship some, but right now I’m feeling it is really one-sided.


  2. Maybe they are expressing their love in another way. That could be a possibility. Regardless, I think you should have an honest conversation with them about your relationship. Tell them that you are confused by their mixed signals. It’s better to communicate and be one step closer to an answer than to let your mind get carried away and end up in a dark place.

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  3. I think you answered your own question. If you feel you’ve put in all the effort and you’re still not getting anywhere (been there, done that) then it’s time to let go and move on. Telling someone they miss them and live them, without action, are empty words. I don’t mean to sound harsh. I went through a good part of my 50+ years dealing with this. I decided it was time to take care of my heart for a change ❤️

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  4. no, dont think your overreacting at all. think i’d feel similarly if that was me in your position. they obviously dont care if they cant be bothered to return calls, texts, etc in a timely fashion. thats just not fair to you. can you confront them on it? xoxo

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