Support Group and Social Exhaustion


Today hasn’t been the best day mental-health wise. I just woke up around an hour ago and it took me until now to drag myself out of bed because I honestly just didn’t want to move, let alone get up and face the day.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day either. I’m not sure what was going on, but I felt sick and exhausted the whole day. I did make myself go to a group meeting yesterday (a recovery from religion support group). My husband is helping to lead the group and it is fascinating to hear everyone’s personal stories about religion and how specific forms of indoctrination affected each of them differently. Some of those who come truly have experienced abuse at the hands of religious leaders and organizations, much like I have in my past (mostly due to my messed up family).

The meeting lasted almost three hours, which socially exhausted me. Maybe some of you don’t experience social exhaustion, but when you are autistic, being social takes so much focus and attention to do it “right”, that it always leaves me burned out and just wanting to go home and nap. Add to that, the social anxiety I had about going to the group in the first place, and I guess it is no wonder that I felt like crap both physically and mentally most of the day.

I think today I’m just going to try to take it easy and recover from the exhaustion as much as I can. I need to have my precious time alone and indulge in some distractions to take my mind off real life. I definitely welcome hearing from you guys though!

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Hi! I am an artist, author, and blogger who also happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. I have won several awards and honors for my writings and artwork. I suffer from a few severe mental illness and chronic pain conditions (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Ehlers Danlos, Degenerative Disc Disease, etc.), which greatly affects my life and makes me want to advocate for others going through similar things. Other interests of mine include reading, writing, drawing, watching cartoons and movies, collecting toys, hanging out with my family, and annoying my 3 cats.

11 thoughts on “Support Group and Social Exhaustion”

  1. I go through periods with in-person support groups. I have bipolar disorder, not autism spectrum, but I can relate to how tiring it can be. Part of it is related to my energy levels (significant with bipolar), part related to stress tolerance, and other times the medications or a combo of the three.

    My nephew had bipolar disorder and Aspergers. He refused to go to Intensive Outpatient Programs after his many hospitalizations. It’s a shame that he was unable to benefit from them. I hated them, too, but it was a place to go so I didn’t isolate. But for him the social aspect was overwhelming. Plus, he always had a fear of driving.

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    1. Yeah, I got my autism diagnosis first, but I was also diagnosed with bipolar type 2…so maybe that plays a role as well. My personality might play a part too, who knows?

      I actually do kind of like support groups. I go to this one that my husband leads which is mostly about religious abuse, but I also go to one occasionally that is a mental health support group. I haven’t gone to the latter group in a while, but am trying to get back into it.

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  2. Kudos to you for going at all!
    I have social anxiety, but have never experienced social exhaustion. I never go to any kind of group and flee immediately when any kind of crowd gets too crushing.
    More power to ya.😄

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