Losing Blog Followers and Self-Doubt


It is hard for me to be emotionally vulnerable about things that hurt my feelings or make me feel worthless, but my #1 goal with this blog is total honesty, so I’m going to share what I’m struggling with right now.

Yesterday I lost at least 5 blog followers. I gained 2 I believe, so the net loss was only 3 followers, but it still made me feel really bad. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was what I posted yesterday. Maybe it came across as too negative and whiny? I didn’t mean for it to, I was just trying to express my feelings at the moment. Sometimes maybe I can come across as a little too dramatic, but I believe that is part of the mood swings aspect of bipolar. I feel things so strongly and emotions can wildly dip and rise so quickly that it is hard to find a good sense of balance emotionally.

Of course, I tell myself that the unfollows might have nothing to do with yesterday’s post, but then that leads me to think I just must be generally boring and annoying to others. I know that is probably just my lousy self-esteem talking, but it is a genuine feeling none-the-less.

I’m not sharing this in hopes of obtaining pity or sympathy, but more to just show the inner workings of my mind and how little things can affect me so much more than they should. Does anyone else relate to this? Are there any other bloggers out there that feel really bad when they lose a few followers all at once?

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Hi! I am an artist, author, and blogger who also happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. I have won several awards and honors for my writings and artwork. I suffer from a few severe mental illness and chronic pain conditions (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Ehlers Danlos, Degenerative Disc Disease, etc.), which greatly affects my life and makes me want to advocate for others going through similar things. Other interests of mine include reading, writing, drawing, watching cartoons and movies, collecting toys, hanging out with my family, and annoying my 3 cats.

39 thoughts on “Losing Blog Followers and Self-Doubt”

  1. I can understand that. It’s sometimes hard not to place our writing value on our numbers of followers. I try not to place too much emphasis on analytics, but hey ho it’s a necessary part of the process and takes time. As you say, folk have their reasons, and it’s nothing personal.🌸

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  2. I sometimes get followed by random people that I suspect are either spammy or just trying to get a follow back from me. It’s hard to say for sure but I think they unfollow pretty quick if I don’t follow back. I can’t imagine anyone unfollowing you based on the content you’ve published.

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    1. Thanks so much. You might indeed be right about people following just to get a follow back. I hadn’t thought of that. I do follow quite a few of my followers back, but not every single one. I try to follow those who share similar interests though.

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  3. The “follow-unfollow” game is quite popular across all platforms. Fortunately it’s comparatively less in WP. As Yassy said above, it’s best not to look at the numbers because however hard we try, at some point we might get affected and that would be somewhat irritating to deal with. So I don’t look at any of the stats now. All I check in my dashboard is the “comments” section to see if some genuine comment has gone under “spam”. 🙂

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    1. Good advice. Mine actually displays the number of followers on my home page, so that is kind of hard to miss, but sometimes when I do look at the stats over months or years instead of days, I do see steady growth. I guess that is what I should focus on.

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  4. If you’ve gotten followers who ID is an outlook email, you’ll lose them. It’s spam. It happened a short time ago also. AND. WordPress likes to unfollow people for you. It’s very frustrating. I realize people I’ve been following for 4 years are no longer showing up. Sure enough, WP unfollowed.

    Bottom line: don’t take it personally.

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  5. You are more than the number of people who follow you or not! Write to express yourself, to make sense of your feelings, to let others know they are not alone and enjoy the process, the shared stories and the interaction! Forget the rest!!

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  6. There are people who troll. I’ve found I’ve had several new followers in quick succession then they disappear about a week or two later and it usually numbers around five. I have no idea why they do it.

    Just keep on being yourself 🙂

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  7. I wrote to WordPress the other day because I seemed to be getting a lot of followers but they weren’t in my list of followers. I was a bit suspicious because they all had an outlook.com address. The good folks at wordpress told me that these were spammers and that they removed them from my followers list. For that I am very grateful. They warned me not to open the link to these followers. Maybe some of the people you lost were spammers.

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  8. It’s interesting how many of us say we are writing for ourselves but are eager to get more followers, more nice comments, more, more, more. Maranda, you write to express your feelings about what you are going through. Don’t worry about followers, because obviously it makes you feel worse when someone unfollows you. People follow someone but sometimes they then decide that what you write doesn’t really interest them. That’s not a reflection on you, they just are looking for something different. Not everyone is able to handle someone else’s struggle. It’s not about you, it’s just not what they want to read. Hugs dear friend ☺❤

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  9. Everyone says that they don’t care about followers and that’s the way it should be. But losing followers can be hurtful. Its hurtful because you don’t get a clarification on why they unfollowed you. Or maybe the reason is out there in plain sight! Big companies hire people to do just that(find out why people don’t approve of them). Then they make amends. I think that’s what we should do too. But that doesn’t mean you should make changes to your content. Because then you would lose your individuality. You can try changing the way you communicate your thoughts. I think that will help.

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  10. Going to repeate what everyone else has said…followers dont matter. The bulk of my blog is just reviewing books I’ve read and I do that to test myself of how much info I have retained from the book. Lol. My post where I get personal generaly get no likes what so ever…unless I am ranting about something controversial. Typical internet. Anyways I guess what I am trying to say is blogging is all about self gratification. It lets us feel like we have a voice in this crazy world. Plus i feel writting is a skill either use it or lose it. I’ve seen the movie Inside out those little mind workers will throw away all the useful stuff in your brain if you let it collect too much dust. So write you heart out because it makes you happy no because it gets liked.

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  11. lol I just posted about this today! I don’t even really know who follows me or reads my stuff. I get emails sometimes that someone liked or commented. I have invited people but I’m not sure if they just get on my blog and read or they have legit become my followers. I think I write stuff sometimes that’s useless, but I still do it. Although I did go on a delete rampage and got rid of stuff I now wish I had because it really was good writing. But not at the time with my mindset. I hate it when I do that! Gee!! You should just write cause you’re good at it! Keep on keeping on! 😊


  12. I completely 100 % understand this! I have a twitter account, and one day I was blocked. I was really hurt. I didn’t understand why, what had I done? I had two accounts so I contacted the person on my other account, It turned out they had blocked me because they didn’t agree with some of my tweets. They said it wasn’t a personal attack on me, but it still hurt. and I’m weary of what I tweet now, for the concern I might get blocked. And for the follower side of things, I’ve been unfollowed many times (don’t worry your not the only one!) luckily it’s not upset me but I have been known to wonder why they’ve unfollowed, or be a little confused. I’m a bit of an ‘over thinker’ and have low self esteem, I think this plays a massive part if I’ve ever been offended by something viewed to others as ‘a small-ish thing’. I do completely get why you’d feel upset, just remember it’s all the people following you are worth your time and thoughts, not the unfollowers 😊🌷

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