Good Therapy Session Update, and Books for Emotional Healing

I had a really good therapy session today. We talked more about the symptoms I am currently experiencing which might be related to a mood disorder vs what might be related to PTSD and my past. On the mood disorder (or Bipolar) front, I think I have made some progress, especially when it comes to sleeping and making hasty decisions I later regret during hypomanic phases. Unfortunately, not much seems to help the depression side of it, whether it be cognitive therapy techniques or medicine.

As I told my therapist today, I feel like my personal “normal” emotional state starts at -1 (mildly to moderately depressed), so I only really have down to go from there if the depression worsens, which it often does. According to my mood charting so far, I have about the same number of mildly to moderately depressed days as I have moderately to severely depressed days. And then I have a day here or there where it goes even lower and those are the dangerously depressed days. It actually makes me feel a little better though to know some of it is probably the mood disorder and not just me “refusing to get well”, which I have sometimes accused myself of in the past. After all, if I really WANT to be well, why aren’t I yet? That is the way I used to think about it, but with a mood disorder it doesn’t work that way.

We also talked about the affirmations I have been doing, which I have actually been doing a good job of keeping up with! I even do some mirror work (where you say positive affirmations to yourself while looking into your eyes in the mirror). It really does help! Below I have attached a photo of two inspirational books I am currently reading regarding affirmations:


The first, “The Body Heals Itself” by Emily A. Francis is a fascinating look at the emotional connection to our muscular system and chronic pain conditions. I know for sure that my physical problems DEFINITELY flare up when emotional issues surface, so there is no doubt a strong mind-body connection. The book includes research, affirmations, stretches, and other practical modalities to try for relief, each separated into specific sections about each body part. I am most interested in the back pain and foot pain sections myself, as I suffer greatly from chronic back pain and plantar fasciitis.

The second book is Jack Canfield’s “Success Affirmations”, which I haven’t been as impressed with, but am giving a chance. For me the affirmations in this book are a bit too long and drawn out. I tend to like simple and to-the-point things better overall.

12 responses to “Good Therapy Session Update, and Books for Emotional Healing”

  1. The first book you describe sounds really interesting. The other one where you describe the affirmations as being too long… I think I would have the same thoughts on it. For me affirmations need to be short and memorable.
    Thanks for sharing these 🙂

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  2. I’m definitely going to take a look at these books. Thanks for sharing. Something you said towards the beginning of your post really stands out for me. “If I really WANT to be well, why aren’t I yet?” I struggle with this question all the time. I have to accept that Bipolar is a life long illness. I’ve really enjoyed your blog posts. Keep it up!

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    • Thanks so much! Yeah, I tend to blame myself for hiccups in my recovery, but many times it is probably outside of my control due to my conditions. It is funny how we don’t beat ourselves up as much for physical ailments, but we do beat ourselves up for mental ones.

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  3. I can’t thank you enough for reading my book and sharing it out here! And thank you everyone who is following this! The Body Heals Itself focuses on why do you carry pain where you carry pain? What secrets are your muscles holding that can connect deeply into the mind and be released throughout the full body. I hope you all read it and reach out to me as well! It means so much to see twenty years of my life’s work and study being shared and enjoyed!

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