You Can Now Support My Blog Via PayPal if You Wish :)

I finally figured out how to set up a PayPal link here on WordPress! Please excuse my technological shortcomings, I’m not exactly the most efficient coder or anything like that.

Anyhow, if anyone would like to support my blog efforts, you can now donate any amount directly to my PayPal:

You can also access this PayPal link at any time on my website sidebar and the “Support My Blog” page.

I don’t expect a lot of donations, but if anyone does wish to help out it is definitely appreciated! Any money donated will most likely be applied to website maintenance fees (domain registration, WordPress account upgrades, etc.) If donations ever started regularly coming in, I would likely also try to invest in some advertising for the blog or use it for computer maintenance/repairs and stuff like that.

4 responses to “You Can Now Support My Blog Via PayPal if You Wish :)”

  1. If I added a paypal account which I don’t have a paypal , I would get in trouble for messing up all of my accounts of any kind. Because somehow the court would find out about it and take it away. 😥

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    • I think my PayPal is set up with a tax ID and everything, so it is all above board if I were to actually make enough to make a difference, but I’d be surprised if I ever made that much anyhow. I do know if I ever get disability benefits I can’t make over a certain amount of money in a month, but I really don’t think that will be an issue.

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