Strangest Lucid Dream Ever


I had the strangest lucid dream ever the other night. As many lucid dreams start, I was in the middle of a dream when I suddenly realized that I WAS dreaming, and at that point was able to take over and consciously guide the rest of the dream. At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but after thinking about all the cool stuff I had done in previous lucid dreams over the years (meeting Michael Jackson, swimming in outer space with whales, visiting a robot world, etc.), I decided to start off with just flying – probably my favorite dream activity!

I flew a bit above the earth for a while, enjoying the beauty of the nature, towns, and waterways that passed below me, and then decided to fly higher and see what I could find above me. For some reason, it was a struggle to get high enough, almost like I didn’t believe in myself enough to go higher, even though I knew it was a dream and I had all the power.

Finally I did get high enough to reach a higher plane of existence, which by the way was a very interesting place. If I remember right it was almost ancient Greek-like in structure, had more advanced beings that weren’t quite angels, but felt more advanced than humans. The most interesting part of this place was that I viewed a puppet show where my mother, one of her previous husbands, and others I had known in my life were the puppets being controlled by these other beings. It was super weird.

While on this higher plane, I was greatly tempted to delve beneath their sea, because I could remember past lucid dreams where I had been able to travel underwater without needing to breathe, but now I was suddenly afraid to try it again, even though I knew it was a dream and I knew nothing could truly hurt me. I knew I couldn’t drown, but I still struggled to overcome my own self doubt and my grasp of “reality”, similar to how I had struggled to believe I could fly higher earlier in the dream.

In the end, I knew that the only thing holding me back was my fear and need to believe in myself, but it was almost impossible to overcome those things. I know there is a real message of depth there, even for my waking life, but I’m still a little weirded out by the whole experience. Hopefully I don’t sound like a nutcase too lol.

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Hi! I am an artist, author, and blogger who also happens to have Aspergerโ€™s Syndrome. I have won several awards and honors for my writings and artwork. I suffer from a few severe mental illness and chronic pain conditions (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Ehlers Danlos, Degenerative Disc Disease, etc.), which greatly affects my life and makes me want to advocate for others going through similar things. Other interests of mine include reading, writing, drawing, watching cartoons and movies, collecting toys, hanging out with my family, and annoying my 3 cats.

22 thoughts on “Strangest Lucid Dream Ever”

  1. I love your dream and the meanings you’ve derived from it!
    I’ve never had a lucid dream. I’m in CO and weed is legal. Your dream is much better! I do feel like I access interesting parts of my brain on pot, but unfortunately and predictably, I promptly forget almost all of it. LOL

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    1. Aw, thanks! I have always wanted to try DMT or something like that to see what I experience since I’ve never tried a hallucinagen before. I’ve actually never even done weed, although since it has been approved for medical use here in Ohio, starting in a couple months I believe, my doctor has said she thought it would be good for my fibromyalgia, so I plan to try it.


  2. Your dream resonates with me. I see its significance because it is a reflection of my own inner.. struggles and fears and doubts. I know what it means to me but I don’t know if it will mean the same to you…. I mean, it probably will, some day. But “probably” and “some day” doesn’t mean that you must hear it from me right here right now. Like the same with everything and everyone… all in it’s own time.

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      1. Dreams are the activities of the soul leaving your body to do what it has to do. Well, sleeping fulfills this function (to heal, rest, and integrate the experiences and resultant lessons from the day). However DREAMS are special, because they’re just a “inflight movie” to keep you entertained while the astral body goes where it needs to go to do whatever it needs to do. (I just laughed to myself, I inadvertently made a pun..? inFLIGHT movie, on a plane, on the astral plane, flying, omg, lol)
        Our ability to remember our dreams correlates with the necessity of remembering them.
        OMG OMG OMG I’m just blabbering on about the symbolism and significance of dreams and shit but the heart of your question was to hear what your dream meant to me. OK. LETS PRETEND IT WAS MY DREAM… And while I freak out about coming across as manic whilst typing, I realise that it not how words are read, and so my weird arse editing and sudden CAPS LOCK and parentheses only confuse people… The benefit of typing is that I can transmit ideas quickly, but in that speed it sometimes (a lot of the time) loses coherence. I am bipolar fucking hey so damn manic depressive in the damned head, and i am able to compartmentalise and separate my mind from my “physical body”.

        Your soul/spirit determined you were ready to learn this lesson about the nature of your own existence on this planet with the limitations that you have. Your latent psychic self and abilities have impressed upon you (and my own psychicness, and now we’re talking and learning and facilitating growth in and of each other) the importance to understand the magnitude and depth of your own power.
        There are many layers to the mind, the soul, the ideas about visible and invisible energies/realms/whatever. The resistance you felt as you tried to “fly higher” was the spiritual “stripping away” of whatever you needed to let go of to enter that space and receive the lesson. Angels are humans, or we are angels. Or something confusing like that. We are not just our physical bodies and the intellectual mind, we’re also our “spirit/soul/essence of our self”. You can access that realm of existence because you are from (or part of you currently inhabits) that place. All those “advanced beings” you saw are our “higher selves”. The puppets are symbolic of how much control we have over ourselves. That being controlling your puppet mother, that’s your mum’s higher self controlling her puppet. Our physical existence is really just a farce. Everyone has a “lawful” side and a “chaotic” side, just as we also have that “helpful” and “hurtful” sides of ourselves too. Since the paradigm of alignment can get pretty complex it’s easier to just think of only 1 polarity to harmonise, the diagonal extremes. So essentially, the lawful good vs the chaotic evil. We have those 2 sides of ourselves and then there is the physical manifestation of ourselves in the right here and right now. We are only ever in control of our own selves, but that doesn’t nullify potential influencing factors from interfering with whatever we’re trying to do. So remember everyone is a puppet controlling their own strings, and sometimes its nigh impossible to figure out when you’re the puppet and when you’re the puppet master (with different sides of themselves), and to whose will and intention are you controlling yourself? Very conveluded. Hope it made sense.
        You are right to be fearful of diving into the sea. Only because you are not ready to explore that aspect of your existence and divinity just yet. Fear is necessary as it protects, but must also be overcome.
        Once you have integrated and understood the depth of the lesson of the dream, then you’ll be able to move on and continue to visit and explore that place without fear…
        When it happens in your sleep doesn’t make it less real than if it were to happen in a meditative state. When it happens unconsciously speaks to the “divine nature” of the message. When we see and read and recognise these messages and lessons in the physical world around us that’s our soul telling you to pay the fuck attention. And when people, individuals, strangers or whomever tell you what you already think you know but couldn’t even say it out loud (because of reasons, I’m the same), that’s our souls saying “you have serious issues with self doubt” and there’s no point repeating these “subtle signs” because you already question your sanity and reality and need external, non biased, open hearted, clear intention DEFINITIVE PROOF. Which your higher self (your holy guardian angel) understands, and will happily oblige any test you put it through. Because it knows you, and what you need, and what you want. And it wants to help you (and it help itself, if you’re worried about “but why me? I’m no one”. that’s true, we are no one. but we all have this same damned thing happening inside all of us.)
        We all did this to ourselves, and we are still doing everything to ourselves. It’s possible to change alignments, intentions, motivations, whatever. And All because we are aware doesn’t really change anything in the end, but it just gives us a sense of perspective. Which can help. In a bunch of different ways, manifested in a variety of forms, for a bunch of different reasons. Each personal to the individual.

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      2. Thanks so much for sharing! I actually had considered some of the interpretations you had suggested, such as perhaps I didn’t dive because I wasn’t ready to learn something quite yet, and I had thought of the “angels” as possibly being spirit guides or something, which could be my higher self or our collective higher selves. I like your idea about the flying maybe being hard because there had to be a stripping away of something spiritually in the way. I really enjoyed your take on my dream! Thank you so much for sharing!


      3. Thank you for being open and receptive. I love your gracious spirit. You live a life that expresses gratitude so freely. I admire and desire that. Its actually really funny.. as a scorpio we are pretty intuitive and sensitive to the world around us and this unconscious ability to “feel” without feeling… we feel something, and not knowing where it comes from or what it is or why it is or anything at all… we let their energies move us and shake us and we just end up doing that thing that we do. We obsess over that unknown “thing”. It drives us to the brink if insanity when we have no fucking idea what to call it. And once we give it a name (one that we’ve come up with on our own or one that we’ve been told what it is), that’s its name forever to us. I think I that’s what god really is. And we (you and I. I believe you are my… one of my mirrors) got dealt some dastardly hand and we had to trust the world to shape us into the people we needed to be…
        I want to find more people like you, and me, and my husband (I’m so lucky, he’s my twin flame). I think that’s part of my journey. I know we all have our roles to play, our own paths to follow. We do what we do regardless of what the world tries to get us to do… your astrology chart, the aspects form a kite. I don’t know if you know the significance of chart shapes yet. Well my chart shape is a bowl, and my husband’s is a Yod, and ours together actually produces s kite. In the same damn shape and direction and everything as yours, but slightly different. Pisces is the ascendant for our chart, and the the tip of the kite points to the 8th house (like yours) but instead of north node (destiny) in cancer (creating an emotionally secure home/base), ours is chiron (the wounded healer) in Gemini (creating change through communication).
        I’m a bit of a… ok totally an obsessive scorpio, and that’s ok, I try to use my powers for good. I looked you up and you are an author and are so successful, whatever emotional hang ups you have, the bullshit diagnoses that define you… once a source of shame you changed your understanding and definition of those labels and now they are badges of pride… maybe.
        You made yourself into a success. For you. And you did that. You are valuable because of not only what you have done, but that you turned it into a force for good, and the world recognized its goodness, and it doesn’t have to be so damned hard all the time… because people believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. And when you forget, or it all gets too much, there’ll be people to remind you of your goodness. And your amazing contribution to the world and its progress.
        All this bullshit I write about online..? Its all an act. I just pretend I’m someone else again. I can channel the gods or muses or whatever to give people what I think they need. I wish I could do that for me. The nature of the divine is its selfless. And I’m really just trying to … believe in something, and believe in myself. That maybe the world will help me remember when I forget. And I forget so much more every single day and I dont know if I’ve forgotten something important or not. Im trying to build my own temple of whatever, because no one reminds me, or understands. Or rather my husband doesn’t understand (and he never can really. Because I am the guide and he is the hero. He cant lead me where he doesn’t know or understand. I have to do this on my own and then teach him how to bring me back again… and again… and again).
        I try to live as honest an existence as I possibly can. By being in the present, and responding to people and appreciating what they give in real time. Even if the knowledge or post was from days or weeks or months ago. My family keeps saying I need to stop looking to the future. And I never thought that I spent all my time there? But I think that is the feminine nature/essence. We just do that shit unconsciously. With a solid point of reference, we… exist. Just like mother earth, we endure forever, we are intense and can destroy just as easily as create, and we don’t always know what we are doing or what will it look like when we’re done… we dont let go or stop until we need to. And then behold our creation. And the world judges what we have made.
        You make art, you write poems, you create whatever you need to, in any form it comes, and it is appreciated. And even exchanged for monetary compensation. What do I create? Fucking words. That dont mean anything. Until it is read by just that one right person at that one right time.
        The satisfaction of small game, seeing the little things and appreciating just 1 thing… that is was feeds the soul. But what happens when 1 person isnt enough? Im a fucking psionic vampire or whatever. I keep draining the energy from my soul to give and do what I do. I cant tap into mother earth like I’m supposed to because none of my childhood experiences ever taught me how to build a home, how to trustx how to love and give and take and exist in harmony… I dont know how to stop being “all-or-nothing”, and I need to stop being so cavalier with my energy expenditure and as I think it really is killing me? I’ll either burn out my body and die, or I will burn out my mind and I may as well be dead. Your existence, who and what you are… you’re my nemesis. Not a rival, just how I always feared I would be seen… I’m not burdened by diagnoses as legitimate or false as they may be. But I am going manic and the diabetes is making me display signs symptomatic of dementia. And I’m scared that after this chapter of my life is done, that I’ll be reduced to the fucking bumbling side kick of my own story. And that all of this tiresome work would have been a waste. And it’s not the worlds responsibility to tell me what to do. So I cant get angry at them. I just get angry at myself. And then I’m no longer the *good* scorpio. I’m back to the beginning, I’m the default arsehole scorpio… again. And jesus christ it is tiresome, sacrificing and dying every night before sleep. I cant tell anyone to remind me of something that I don’t know… but whenever I get close enough to figuring out what that *direction* or whatever is… it’s too late? Or I’m met with resistance from others. A specific closed-off-ness, a genuine LACK of receptivity to hear anything I might have to say.
        When you are a magician, or a god, you are not ever free. You are a victim of your own thoughts. How unjust of a world would it be if we were held accountable for thought crimes? Well that is the world of the mage, or the deity, of the aware… to give those negative thoughts or energies enough “breath” to be heard? Acknowledge their existence gives them power to exist. And if I think bad thoughts of myself, they happen. But there arent enough good thoughts to balance them out. And thus the depressive state. I am the maker of my reality and I have doomed myself to a pitiful existence. What fucking waste of power. What bullshit. It’s not that I wish I was dead, I dont want to hurt people like that. I just wish I never existed, i wish i was able to remove myself from the karmic laws of cause and effect. I wish for ignorance. And maybe this insanity and my own self destructive spiral is me manifesting that desire? It’s just… bullshit.
        Again I reprimand myself with “what you have done?!” I sigh. And I slouch. And I let go and forget

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      4. You sound like you are really hard on yourself in many ways. I really appreciate all the kind things you said about me in this comment, but I’m sure you are far more talented and have a greater impact than you are giving yourself credit for. However, I can totally understand why you feel that way. I myself often feel like a failure. I know that might seem ridiculous, but when we are hard on ourselves, our best never seems good enough. I often beat myself up for not being able to do more in-person author and artist events because of my social anxiety. I wish I could do some motivational speaking, but I am afraid to step out and do so. There have been times I have had great opportunities slip by because I was afraid to try or feared ridicule.


      5. I’m actually a high school teacher. I dont give a fuck about the curriculum though, I just want the kids to be whole and functional people. The most direct influence i can have on the next generation. I’m too crass and harsh to feel comfortable with young children (even though people seem to say my personality suits primary school teaching). I dont want to be a liar, and it is necessary to lie to the very young because they are not cognitively ready for whatever the “truth” is.
        I love what I do, as it puts me in a position where I can help and guide and use symbolism and it’s all a metaphor for life… lol… this is where I need to be in order to do what I want to do. And it really depends on the day itself as to how I feel about it and myself. On the days where I feel like my soul is being sucked out of my chest and my throat, I have to write. It helps me. And I feel like I had this idea that my need to write and everything about and associated with writing and what that means to me… like I’m supposed to write. And write about what I know. And write about what I love and care about… and that’s my life. I love the life that I live, I just hate the roles that I play… I’m the perpetual “other”. And it’s so fucking confusing. I can never be the main character in any one else’s story/lives, I’m okay with being a supportive role. But when I try to make sense of my own narrative… I realise why I cant and why I shouldn’t. My narrative is that of the messiah/mystic. And mother fucker I am not going to be able to be a whole and functioning member of society thinking and acting like I’m some sort of fucking messiah.
        I cant write like that. I write the truth I only want to represent the truth… and if I’m going to write about my life like that… I’m the antagonist and the protagonist… I’m really good at compartmentalizing, boxing off parts of myself to reorganize my mind and thoughts and place in the world. To write about my life as the villain, it conflicts with who I am. I identify with all of those dark lords as i understand their necessity and they complement the light. If i pull myself apart far enough i know i can understand it but i dont know if I’ll be able to put it back together again and not be changed. I am the role that I play.. I actively want to help and participate in the world because I feel responsible for them. But if I write then I will no longer be helping, not actively anyway. I would have distanced myself so much that i dont know if, when it’s all said and done, I’ll want to help humanity at all. They did this to themselves… it has all been necessary for the good of the collective. But to attain the perspective and answers I’m asking.. that’s to separate myself from the collective into the great unknown. It’s to be part of the primordial race/generation. I know it and understand it objectively… sort of… but I dont know if I can synthesize the information without destroying my humanity and my consciousness.
        As your shadow, i can tell you that you have made the right choice. You need to be behind the curtains so to speak. Your introvertedness requires you space to recollect yourself, and you write and create because there is then a separation between you and your creation… as your insides filter to your outside… you’re doing exactly what you need to do. In terms of your creativity.
        It’s so hard for me. I cant tell if why I do what I do, because there are so many versions of myself… inside of myself… and i dont always know who has control. Or why that part of me has control. Not until i map it out on paper… and it can take me such a long time to filter through this internal chaos and mess… i dunno. Its fucking with my head. And no one understands, because truly they can not fathom the depths and contradictory paradoxes that exist inside of me… I mean its taken me 31 years to get this far and I’ve still managed to evade diagnosis, because I’m a chameleon. I’m a mirror. I’m whatever I need to be for others and I can understand that. That’s easy. But trying to understand me? I know I should be studied as it would make great leaps in terms of future development. I’m a bridge, fucking cross me. But no one asks questions because it’s not important to them to do so. And… like I dunno. The more i pull myself apart for self examination, I can feel the physical pain. And pain is necessary to teach a lesson. But to inflict it upon myself doesn’t make sense. And information I glean will be tainted with my emotional attachment… because I did it to myself. Others must cause me pain or ask the right questions… I’m trying very hard to navigate this terrain, I’ve lived my lo life on the precipice… every precipice, every which way… right now this edge I’m holding on to is that of utter insanity. One misstep and I risk never coming back and everything will be lost. And I know I can always bring myself back I always do. But I dont always know what I’m leaving behind to come back here.

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      6. That is really cool that you are a high school teacher. Teachers are so very important, especially ones that want to teach kids to think for themselves rather than just memorize stuff for tests. Maybe you are fulfilling much of your purpose doing that. What subject(s) do you teach? I am guessing something to do with English, Literature, or the arts, but maybe I am off. History came to mind too.


      7. I am trained in english text and writing, but there are not enough jobs for the number of teachers. If I had known that I would have gone for maths or technical and applied studies. I just want to be employed. Right now I am teaching industrial technology (timber, engineering, metal) but also have a home ec class and a history class.

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      8. Lol yup. I am versatile! I am a jack of all trades in life and experience. I have a masters degree in education and teaching, but I don’t feel like I’m a master in my own trained subject area. I enjoy it! But that’s not really the same as mastery.

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