Medication Nausea and Dry Sockets – Wisdom Teeth Removal Update

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I was pretty lucky the first couple days after my wisdom teeth surgery, so I was hoping for smooth sailing all the way…but I am running into some issues now. For one thing, the combination of antibiotics, pain killers, and NSAIDS started causing a good amount of nausea the last couple days. I often feel like throwing up, although I have been able to refrain from actually vomiting so far. I have suffered from emetophobia (fear of throwing up) almost my entire life, so I fight tooth and nail against it, but sometimes it can’t be stopped.

I am also starting to highly suspect that the tooth they took out on the left side of my jaw might be developing dry socket. There isn’t a blood clot in sight on that side and all you can really see is a big empty space with what looks like a little bit of bone sticking through at the bottom. I am trying to follow all the directions for recovery, including using a special mouthwash and doing warm salt water rinses, but the salt water is definitely making the nausea worse.

So, to sum it all up….I’m feeling pretty miserable today. My jaw is still sore, my ears are now aching as well, and it almost feels like it is getting harder to eat rather than easier. I’m trying to not let it get me down, but I am a little bummed that complications seem to be arising. I know if I wait it out, even the dry socket should resolve itself within 7-10 days, but that sounds like a long time right now.

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24 thoughts on “Medication Nausea and Dry Sockets – Wisdom Teeth Removal Update”

  1. Ouch! I really hope it doesn’t get really sore! I was lucky, I didn’t get dry socket when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. I got sick though. The doctors weren’t supportive of me at all though. I just pulled myself through on my own. I’m doing okay now. If I had run into more serious trouble, I have found a new doctor already, but luckily my sickness issues were short lived. I never took opiates because every time I’ve taken them in the past I’ve vomited a lot. So I just took ibuprofen and another tablet to protect my stomach. I think if your teeth get worse, maybe get them checked at the dentist. I hope they can do something for the dry socket.

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    1. I have trouble with some opiates and nausea. The worst is morphine, it makes me really, really sick. I don’t have much trouble with Tramadol at all. For the teeth, they gave me Norco, which isn’t as bad as the morphine but still makes me somewhat nauseated.


      1. I was told to have no opoiates at all. But then again, every doctor has a different view on that. Some doctors give me Tramadol, some don’t. This time, I had to suffer through pain with no sympathy from the current group of doctors. I bet the new doctor will probably be totally different and support me all the way. It’s good you can take some painkiller.

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      2. True! The problem my doctors have had in the past is that sometimes I get extremely sick and other times I don’t get so sick. So when my docs took my wisdom teeth out in May, they prescribed no opoid medicine at all. So in return I never went to follow-up appointments. I will be reporting this to my new doctor when I eventually go to a different, and apparently very good, doctor’s clinic.

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      3. Yep. I had Zophran in the hospital a few years ago and it worked fairly well. I still felt nauseated but didn’t vomit a lot. I’ll be asking about nausea meds that don’t give me a headache though. My left eye will eventually need to be repaired in some way, or possibly removed, so I’ll need some pain meds and nausea meds for sure I think. The dental department is cruel, but I’ve always found the ophthalmology department very helpful and kind. They like to try out different medicines until something works. Lol no wonder I won’t go to the dentist! I’ve never had any good experiences with the dentist, but the eye doctors have been a lot better. I have mixed opinions about primary care doctors. I’ve had both good and bad ones. This year I’ve had bad doctors. A few people have told me, that this other clinic they happen to go to, has very good doctors there. The doctors apparently don’t throw people off just because of having a bad day or maybe the person is too sick to deal with, or something. These doctors treat everybody with empathy and they are apparently very ethical as well. I feel good knowing this, and eventually I’m going to go to this clinic, when I have paperwork for Guide Dogs to fill out.

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      4. I have been lucky to have mostly good, kind dentists. It would be awful to have a bad one because I already have a lot of anxiety about dental work on its own. Sometimes I’m not sure if I am happy with my primary care doctor or not. Sometimes I feel like she minimizes my suffering.

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      5. The problem with most primary care doctors is, they focus more on the drugs than on the patient. If you present any difficulties outside the box, they don’t want to know you. That’s how I’ve experienced most doctors to be like. Some of them however have been very nice to me. I just have to find that nice, supportive type of doctor again. I really hope your doctor doesn’t minimise your suffering because that is just disrespectful. No offence, but it’s like some of these medical people don’t have a conscience or something. Do they forget that if they were in the same situation, they would be crying out for help.

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      6. There is a really good dentist in my area actually! The only thing is they are private so you have to pay for each visit. I will never go through the public system again. They are like butchers!

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