Dream Analysis: Fear of Death


35246_134350973265937_3090540_n (2)
My Spyder

Last night I had an interesting dream. In the dream, there was a big snake loose in our house and I was trying to stay as far away from it as I could because I feared getting bit. Every time I would see it somewhere, I would run to another room. Then, the dream took an unexpected turn when the snake attacked my cat, Spyder. Spyder has been my baby since the day he came home to us and has been with us almost 12 years.

When I realized the snake was attacking Spyder in the dream, I was suddenly like “HELL NO!!!” and I ran into the room with a small sword (that suddenly appeared out of nowhere) and I cut that snake’s head clean off! I was suddenly as brave as an Amazon warrior, or like a mother bear defending her cubs.

When I woke up today, I was trying to decode this dream a bit, and I think what I was actually dreaming about was the fear of death. Just last night I was talking to someone about the short spans our pets live and about how my last two cats died around the same age Spyder is now. I think the snake symbolized death coming to take a loved one from me, and while I clearly have a self-preservation instinct and a healthy fear of my own death, that fear pales in comparison to the terror I feel at losing a loved one.

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  1. Snakes can be scary but as a symbol they are very positive! (well, to me anyway) Snakes are sly and cunning and wise and they may be venomous but they are also symbols of healing. So yes, your interpretation is right! You’re not a push over, you are willing to face danger (possible death) to fight for those you love. SO although you may feel scared, you’re showing how strong you are mentally/emotionally. Serpents remind us to be cautious and aware of what’s going on around us, someone might be trying to pull a sneaky on you!

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    • Normally I actually really like snakes. I even think of them as one of my “spirit animals”, but I’m also not stupid and wouldn’t fool with them and make them angry for no good reason. I love to see them out in nature, but I keep a respectable distance.

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