Anime Bunny Girl ACEO Drawing

I was inspired by this Instagram photo by the Instagram account lucifer.mob, to create my own abstract version of the image, so I used my art markers to do this ACEO drawing:


It is definitely much different than the inspiring image, but I still think I caught the spirit of it well and I like my version! As of right now, this artist trading card is still available for sale on my Ebay store if you are interested!

6 thoughts on “Anime Bunny Girl ACEO Drawing

    1. Thanks! I really liked the way this turned out. I like Lucifer too, extremely interesting character! Interesting that he and Jesus were both called the same name (bright and morning star).


      1. I didn’t know Jesus was called that… But it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve never had beef with Jesus. I stand by his teachings, I’ve just had beef with people who distort and manipulate for personal gain.

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