New ACEO Painting – Autumn Witch

This painting has to be one of my absolute favorites that I have created in quite a while. I love witches and I love autumn/Halloween, so this is a perfect image for me to create:


This piece and many others are currently up for sale on my Ebay store if you would like to support me that way!

12 thoughts on “New ACEO Painting – Autumn Witch

  1. I wish it was Samhain every day. I want it to be but it can’t be. Also I wonder why some people call it Halloween and have it the next day instead of the night before when the gone ones come out to tell secrets and whisper things and say hello. Also I like your picture. It looks to me like a gone one coming up out of her barrow to say hello to Arianhrod. Also I like Arianhod, she’s very, very pretty.

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