October 2018 House of Rituals Pagan Subscription Box

I received my October Mini House of Rituals subscription box a few weeks ago and have already used the stuff from it, but I wanted to show you all what I got anyhow. Here is what came in the box:


The theme this month was Samhain & Diving with Spirits. The package included a 3-card spread tarot reading cloth, 3 tarot cards chosen individually for each subscriber (I got The Lovers, The High Priestess, and the 3 of Wands cards), a tarot card reading guide, a book about various kinds of spirits and how to work with them, 2 silver candles, full moon incense, an old-fashioned pocketwatch, an antique photo, a sun/moon decorative tile, a chunk of rose quartz, and instructions.

When I do rituals I tend to kind of disregard the instructions and just do what feels right, so I used the materials to do a small altar spread honoring the spirit of Samhain and The Day of the Dead. I did keep the theme of past, present, and future and did feel that the 3 cards they sent me fit well! Here is an image of my finished altar spread:


My personal interpretation of the 3 cards is as follows:

Past – The Lovers: Duality in my past spills over into my present.

Present – The High Priestess: A need for my subconscious to heal from the pain of the past so I can move on.

Future – 3 of Wands: Harmonious prosperity (hopefully a good result to my upcoming SSDI hearing?)

I mostly consider the Tarot a system that is fun and helps you get in touch with your own inner thoughts, feelings, desires, and needs through meditation, so I don’t necessarily try to use it to “predict the future”, but if it wants to tell me the future looks good, I will accept that!

4 responses to “October 2018 House of Rituals Pagan Subscription Box”

  1. You make your own future. When I read cards I tell stories if what they say. I tell my (first time) client or whoever to not tell me anything. But to hear me out first and then after that, then we can do a proper reading with a question. Because part of my thingy is that.. I tell them what I see in the cards. I tend to… teach the cards as I read them. One of my friends said she likes the way I read because it’s like the cards are having conversations with each other. Like.. I dunno, I move the cards around and talk with them or show the client how the cards interrelate with each other. Because the cards are symbolic. Anyone can read them if they know how. I’m not very mysterious though, so that’s why I just blah my thoughts straight away as I think them. Lol
    But I love your ritual thingy. I don’t do any. Which I probably should. I just don’t know what my “process” is.. just.. I know it starts whenever it’s already started lol

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