I Am An Obsessive Collector

Part of my toy/collectibles/art room, unfortunately you can’t see all the stuff organized in the closet or in the cabinets behind me.

I collect too many things. I collect tons of toys/action figures/dolls/squishies/stuffed animals/minifigures (Barbie, My Little Pony, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Lego, Nickelodeon, Disney, Schleich, Funko Pops, Reborns, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Coraline, etc.) I have an entire room for all my toys and collectibles. I collect books, especially children’s books and books about subjects I am obsessed with, ranging from Michael Jackson, Nirvana, and Dance Moms, to art/artists, writing/writers, poetry, comics/manga, and antique books. The books also have a room of their own, which they share with my husband’s smaller but still sizable book collection (mostly history, true crime, and science fiction grace his shelves).

I have a huge collection of art supplies and stickers (which also get shoved into my extra “toy room”). I have a large collection of cds, especially from my favorite artists (MJ again, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Enya, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, 60’s 70’s & 90’s hits, Disney soundtracks, etc.)

I have an entire dresser drawer full of bookmarks, a wide selection of cute or nerdy notebooks/journals/stationery and a cabinet full of magickal/pagan themed objects I use for my little ritual altar. I also have a large collection of sentimental items I have saved ranging from photos to cards to letters to objects from loved ones who have passed on.

I am emotionally connected to many of the things I collect and the idea of parting with them is traumatic. I figure this need to collect things is part of the autistic side of me, but sometimes I become overwhelmed by the size of my own collections!

27 thoughts on “I Am An Obsessive Collector

  1. I think collections are important. I know everyone is trying to live an uncluttered life, but if you’re creative you have to have things around to inspire you. At least I do. I have cleaned out and moved so many times, I regret things I’ve lost along the way. I like having shelves and little things displayed, and lots, and lots of books. Just seeing them and remembering the stories makes me happy. And I have many books I read over and over — I Love my picture books. They are my anti-depressants. With my art, I switch things out — store things in the closet in spring, put up things that have been in storage out again. I have a lovely postcard art gallery in my bathroom. They make me happy. I don’t have to live a minimalist life. Things, toys, books — they help me cultivate delight.

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  2. Loved this post Maranda. We collector people know what we want. I loved collecting books. But I bought a Kindle and gave away five bookshelves to the local library. Though I still have three bookshelves of hard bound books to treasure. My wife loves build a bear, though she is a full grown adult. We have about 25 of various bears about the house. Save me from bears.

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  3. I can’t do that. I get too confused and muddled up and overwhelmed. I slept in this morning and had a panic attack because I couldn’t find a pair of matching shoes in the storage box of shoes that I keep under the bed. And I couldn’t find my keys or anything. LOL in panic mode, all normal “i should have been a hufflepuff” axioms prove me to be a liar lol

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  4. Love this post. I loved collecting stuff when I was younger. For some reason I even collected beer mats. But stopped a few years back. Son is now obsessed with collecting, doesnโ€™t like letting things go. He loves just looking at collections. Lego figures, cuddly toy animals, dinosaurs, Wrestling stuff, football cards.

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  5. I love collecting too, Maranda ^^
    I think it’s genetic lol, because my Dad had loads of collections too – he was into coins, stamps, miniature cars. I’m into loads of things, quite often related to crafting. I have several sewing machines, dolls (both reborn types and BJDs); craft books galores, thimbles, bookmarks, buttons, yarn, fabric . . . and love being in my little sewing room where I am surrounded by so much “stuff” which, some people would consider “clutter” but to me, it’s all very important.

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