Micro Poetry: Modern Women


Modern women

with the hair
on their heads

At war
with hair
anywhere else

(Poetry by Maranda Russell, marandarussell.com)

15 responses to “Micro Poetry: Modern Women”

    • Sometimes when you are chronically ill you can’t keep up with shaving every other day anyway lol. I have to shave my underarms every day or they annoy me, but my legs sometimes takes a while to get around to lol.

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      • Your heart is beautiful, The rest don’t count that much. Do it for yourself, if you must. I don’t have hair but on head. At my age I am thankful. LOL

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  1. Yes. It’s annoying. I struggle with this all the time. Because it’s like well…if I want to be appealing to someone then I have to shave my legs, shave my arm pits, but I don’t really. I don’t find that worth my time or money, but still part of me wants to be fit in and be attractive in that way. And then whenever I do shave etc. I feel like I’m not good enough and I always get down on myself. And why can’t I just put all my doubts aside and submit. Why do I have to fight it? And then I realize that it’s my choice and I shouldn’t have to do anything because I feel like society pressures me into it. I should just choose to shave or not because I want to and that I am good enough however I am.

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