An Attempt at Artsy Nature Photography

Yesterday my husband and I went for a short walk at a local garden/park. We saw our first snake of the year:


I also tried to take some artsy nature photos:





I found a perfect crow feather that I put aside to pick up on my way back out of the park, but someone stole it before I got back to it! That bummed me out. I didn’t realize crow feathers were that popular!

14 responses to “An Attempt at Artsy Nature Photography”

      • My asthma doesn’t. If it doesn’t get to 20F here during ‘winter’ at least once we are in for a bad summer of bugs. Spring right now. Roses are blooming and we have many water birds that swim in our bayous. Moss hangs from Oaks but pollen covers our cars and homes. But we brave thru. I live in a heavy industry area of petrol processing plants also. Sorry, not good with camera.:)

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