Art Museum Visit: Favorite Artworks

Yesterday my husband and I visited our local art museum to see a few new exhibits they were having, including the “For America: Paintings from the National Academy of Design” collection. Here were a few of my favorite pieces, some are student art and some are from professional artists, can you tell which is which? (There are 3 student art pieces and 3 professional artworks in no particular order):







9 thoughts on “Art Museum Visit: Favorite Artworks

      1. I took a course in art appreciation from our local university, years ago. They taught to look without emotion. I found that art should test ones emotions. If you are only buying for asset perhaps this is true but why fill the walls without enjoyment of life? Ty.:)

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  1. Ooo these are fascinating. I especially like the crayons with bubbles underwater, and the last multi-coloured piece. Wouldn’t be able to even guess at what’s professional and what’s from a student, I think with art it’s often anyone’s guess! Thanks for sharing these, glad you made it to the museum to check out the latest pieces 🙂

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