I Visited a Castle Today!

My husband and I went to Loveland, Ohio today to see a real castle built by hand by one guy (allegedly by a French knight, but that turns out to be more legend it seems). Here are a few of my favorite photos from the tour. First, the castle itself:


Me, trying to look regal sitting in the throne chair, but instead doing a good giraffe impression:


Me in black and white, dancing on the top of the turret:

66292732_2579458858755124_1888969811266895872_n (2)

The cute, soft little buddy I found:


We had fun, but now I’m worn out!


19 thoughts on “I Visited a Castle Today!

      1. Sounds very intriguing though. The castle looks stunning which must have taken a long time to build. Thanks for the reply Maranda. Real ” Knight” or not my hat is off to him.

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      2. Wow ! That does sound stunning with all that stuff there. I bet when you where up in that turret you got an amazing view of everything Amanda ! Thanks again for this information on the castle.

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