Eeyore is My Spirit Animal

Well, things are still a bit rough. My back is still not doing great although it has been a slight bit better. I have been able to cut back a little bit on the pain killers, which I am thankful for. I hate having to take opioids too often. Unfortunately, I did trip over my TENS unit cord and that didn’t do my back or my knees and legs a lot of good:


I was thankful the fall didn’t make my back way worse though as that easily could have happened.

Yesterday I even felt up to going down to a nearby thrift store and just walking around a little bit to see if I could loosen my back up any. I even found a new Eeyore to add to my collection while there (the pink and light blue one on the far right):


Eeyore is my spirit animal….unfortunately.

30 responses to “Eeyore is My Spirit Animal”

  1. Oh ouch! Cords can be really dangerous. I often trip over my laptop cable but luckily it just pulls out of the laptop rather than legging me over. At least you picked up a new friend on your travels! He looks really soft, a bit velvety from the photo. xx

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  2. OMG! Maranda, wholly cow, you did a number to yourself. You poor dear. I can certainly relate to back and knees issues, but I haven’t experienced a fall like you have in over three years.
    Hooray to the new Eeyore addition! Heck, if you had to pick a spirit animal, Eeyore was loved. I say stick with Eeyore. He Rules!
    Feel better real soon! 💕

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  3. Ouch. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    I am also an Eeyore fan. He was always my favorite when I was a kid because he was a donkey and I loved horses. but I also recognized his attitude in some of my family members, so he was very familiar. I still love him, though I work hard not to be like him, something it is much too easy for me to do.

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  4. We are a pair! Lol. I guess I’m more like Calamity Jane lately! Eyore is cute though!
    I was waiting on knee surgery when I hurt my back, then since that left me with sciatica and numbness all down my right leg, but probably more due to the fact I was in the dark, I stepped on a dog chew bone and rolled my ankle. It’s fractured, so now I’m on crutches and an aircast, not to put weight on it.
    What happened to you?

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