Kicked Off Instagram


I’ve been kicked off Instagram now for about 3 days. Tomorrow is listed as the last day of my “punishment”, so I assume I will get to use my account again either tomorrow or the next day. So what did I do to get kicked off? I have no freaking clue.

The message they sent said something about giving a 3rd party access to my account to increase likes and follows, but I know damn well I didn’t give ANYONE access to the account but me. I couldn’t even afford to hire one of those companies that buys you followers if I wanted to lol.

It really is ironic, because I always thought that if I did get kicked off social media, it would probably be Facebook or Twitter, and it would be for criticizing the government. I have seen people get punished on social media for supposedly spreading “fake news” when what they were really doing was sharing proof of corruption in the government or expressing anti-war views. I could easily see that happening to me, but this?

I will say that this short suspension has made me realize how much social media has become a part of my daily routine. It has really thrown me off and caused anxiety because I can’t respond to comments, messages, or otherwise interact on IG.

If you want to follow a social media felon, look me up on Instagram!

16 responses to “Kicked Off Instagram”

  1. That is scary. I wonder if it’s the result of some algorithm that says if you got X number of likes and follows more than usual it “must” be from nefarious behaviour. At least if it was political it would be for a cause!

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  2. Say you were being sketchy somehow. How on earth would a 3-day ban change anything? You would just come back in 3 days and be sketchy again, just in a subtler way. Or you’d be a normal human being the same way you were before the 3 days.

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  3. You little troublemaker! 😂Have you been able to contact anyone in the customer service department (I assume they have some kind of dept like that)? I’d just be a bit concerned if there’s any kind of dogyness going on that you’re not aware of, like a vulnerability with your account that could lead to hacking as you’ve obviously not granted access to anyone else or done anything dodgy yourself. May be worth changing your password to be on the safe side, too. Bet you almost wish you had been up to no good now to make your punishment worthwhile! xx

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    • I have sent trouble reports but haven’t got a response yet. I did reset my password. They actually asked me to do that anyway right before they kicked me off. Ridiculous, huh? If it was a hacker or something, then why punish me?

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  4. I very briefly had an Instagram for my art before totally disabling it and they accidentally kicked me off too. I had no activity other than posting art. It was bizarre. Maybe they just glitch?

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  5. Sound as though someone tried to hack into your account or that you suddenly had an influx of follows and therefore they thought something was wrong. How frustrating though that they haven’t given you a chance to defend yourself before banning you.

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