Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Tree & Decorations

71254067_2483719585182909_4069738291874758656_n (2)

(Still need more tiny ornaments for the tree, but so far so good)

71259052_1381159915355955_386153435772223488_n (3)

22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Tree & Decorations

    1. Yeah, you might be right. I would like to have more ornaments on hand so that in the future I can do different display options. I would not want to put too much on all at once though.


  1. It turned out great! Reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree some friends gifted me one year. I was going through a bad time that year and didn’t really want to do Christmas. I discovered this dead little tree on my porch one morning propped up in a coffee can with empty crushed beer cans for decorations. It really lifted my spirits.

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