Frustrations of Self-Publishing – New Book On the Way!


I spent hours yesterday and will likely spend more time today trying to format my new book for publishing on Amazon. The new book is a combination of some of my more colorful, playful artworks and poetry bits for kids. I used the art itself to inspire the poetry. I think the book will turn out great once I finally get the kinks worked out with the formatting.

One thing I really wish Amazon would do is to make it easier to format books using Word, especially if you use quite a few images in the book. For some reason, Amazon can not recognize when you split up content on different pages in Word, at least not when images are mixed in. It is pretty frustrating sometimes.

Once I get the book done, can proof the hard copy, and get it up for sale, I’ll definitely be sharing it with you all. I hope you will like it!

10 responses to “Frustrations of Self-Publishing – New Book On the Way!”

  1. I have published one of my books with illustrations an Amazon. You are right, it can be challenging. I used Publisher instead of Word and converted it to a PDF before sending it in. Though Publisher is not totally easy to use it kept everything in the right place in the manuscript and no problems with Amazon. I’m sure there are more elaborate publishing programs but Publisher came with my program package so I used it. I tried Word with my illustrated book but it’s not really suitable, I think , though it worked great with my text only books. Anyway, thought I’d mention this, publishing a book is hard work and quite an achievement, congratulations.

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