My Baby is Dying


My baby kitty Spyder is dying. I’m pretty sure of it now. We’ve ruled out pretty much everything but cancer or autoimmune disease, with cancer looking most likely. He hasn’t eaten for 3 days now and is getting weaker and weaker. We’ve tried everything we know. Spent well over $1,000 to try to get him well in the past month.

He is around 14 years old, so at least he has lived a good length of life for a cat, but my heart is breaking. About 3 days ago it is almost as if he suddenly decided it was time to prepare to die. Since then, he has refused to eat, wants to hide away and sleep, and gets weaker every day. He does not seem to be in pain, except when he has to go to the bathroom and try to get stool out. Luckily, that isn’t happening often as he has very little to expel.

Our only other options at this point would be a feeding tube, and if he does indeed have cancer, I don’t want to just prolong his suffering and death. I know we couldn’t afford all the treatment that would require, nor would I want to put him through all that. Spyder is a quiet, shy cat and I know he would rather go at home quietly. He is one of the sweetest cats I have ever known. Knowing him has been an honor.

Spyder got his name from a dream of mine. Right before he showed up in our lives, I had a dream that I had a baby of my own and named it Spyder for some reason. So, when we got this kitty soon after, I figured it was fate and gave him the name from my dream. He indeed became my baby. The kitty that I was closest to. The one who pulled my heartstrings hardest for some reason. I am hurting.

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  1. I don’t know what to say, nothing can make this any less awful. I’m just so, so sorry. He has had a good life with 14 years, but that doesn’t make it any easier to think this is the end. I hurt so badly when my old dog got sick. He had a lot of things wrong towards the end and I do wonder whether it would have been kinder to him to have ended his suffering sooner than we did. But I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye. Spyder has had the best in life with a place in your home and your heart, he’s known so much love. Sending hugs, Maranda. 🌹 xxxx

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  2. I’m so terribly sorry, Maranda. It’s so utterly difficult being in the position of knowing what must be done.
    My roommate and I were an absolute mess over last Summer debating what we should do for Kadi, but when she showedd all the signs Spyder is, we knew it was time. It was her way to say… I love you, but I haven’t got it in me anymore.
    Like you said, Spyder had a full and great life, you wouldn’t want to suffer is you were him.
    I wish I were there to give you a supportive hug, I really do… Because I know all to well how much you are hurting inside.
    God Bless you both during this most difficult time. 💗🙏

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  3. so sorry to read this, Maranda. One of the hardest parts of being a pet-owner is to know when it’s time to say goodbye, and sometimes, to help them along the way.

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    • Thank you. He actually perked up a tiny bit today and ate a little, but I know the overall trend is definitely downward and if the vet is right about the cancer, it is still likely only a matter of time, even if he lasts a little longer.

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  4. How difficult this must be for you. We have a 19-year-old feline and she wasn’t eating and of course, becoming thinner and thinner. I bought a salmon spray from Amazon and her appetite is much much better. Even though she is still thin, I feel her quality of life has improved. I feel the same as you do that I prefer she pass away at home rather than we take her to be put down.

    The name of the spray is Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil by Zesty Paws.

    Sending purrs, prayers, and hugs your way.

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    • Thank you. He is actually doing a bit better. We put him on kitten milk/meal replacement and did get that down him finally. And he started eating a little more with that. Still likely has cancer, so only a matter of time, but we will treasure what time we do have together.


  5. I am so sorry for you. Losing a loved one is never easy. Having to make that choice for them is even harder. The cat we had before the one we have now had diabetes and we were not able to do what was required to prolong her life and we weren’t sure it would be any kind of decent life either. So we made the hard choice. The only thing good was that we had a vet come to our home and put her down on the sofa sitting next to my husband and me. It was a peaceful as we could make it. It’s been some time since you posted this and so I imagine you have done what you had to. My heart goes out to you.

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  6. My horse died in October. Was very sudden. He showed signs of a colic on Monday, got worse pretty quickly, moved to the university clinic and was put down Tuesday morning. I am still grieving. This will be my first year without him since 2006. He was 28 but until that day fit as a fiddle. I still cannot understand why he left me. Our animals are like our babies. It’s heartbreaking. I feel very sorry for you.

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    • I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Spyder has made a bit of a rebound, but we know he likely has terminal cancer and is overall on the decline. It is hard to decide exactly when to make the tough decision to put him down since he is having both good and bad days right now.


      • I guess I would wait as long as I could if I were in your position. With Sonny the only option was surgery which not only would have been thousands of euros but his chances of recovery and of not getting another colic were very slim. He had already lost most of his teeth and lost a lot of weight. Had he been younger and in slightly better shape, I would have borrowed the money. In his condition, I didn’t want to put him through the pain of surgery and spending a lot of time in the clinic and inside a stable afterwards. He was used to being outside 24/7, he was a free spirit. I still regret the decision every second of the Day.

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      • I try to keep close tabs on how much pain or discomfort Spyder is in. Right now he only seems to suffer much when having a bowel movement, which makes sense if he has intestinal cancer. I do want him around, but I won’t let him suffer horribly just to keep him around.


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