Poetry – Someone Else

I thought I wanted
to be an actress,
but now I realize,
I only wanted
the chance
to be someone else.

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Hi! I am an artist, author, and blogger who also happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. I have won several awards and honors for my writings and artwork. I suffer from a few severe mental illness and chronic pain conditions (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Ehlers Danlos, Degenerative Disc Disease, etc.), which greatly affects my life and makes me want to advocate for others going through similar things. Other interests of mine include reading, writing, drawing, watching cartoons and movies, collecting toys, hanging out with my family, and annoying my 3 cats.

17 thoughts on “Poetry – Someone Else”

  1. “when you look like yourself but you are somebody else” by Flora Cash – those lyrics came to mind. It is nice to pretend at times, writing gives me that outlet. thank you for this beautiful poem today.

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  2. Sometimes your dreams come true…..

    “Dreams of The Heart

    I cannot walk the continents
    Like the intrepid Marco Polo
    But my feet have felt the sands of time
    Pass between my toes

    I have not sailed the high seas
    Like the courageous Christopher Columbus
    But my body has bathed
    In an ocean full of kind hearts

    I’m yet to fly in space
    Like the brave Neil Armstrong
    But I have reached for the stars
    And touched my soul’s dreams”

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