A Couple Political Thoughts


1) The Trump phenomenon has made me come to a rather depressing conclusion. I honestly do not think Trump is inherently more racist than many others of his social class and age, but the strong narcissist in him would do anything to please his adoring fans and many of them seem to WANT the racist rhetoric. They want someone to blame for the situation the country is in, and as always, the poor immigrants are an easy scapegoat.

It makes me rethink my own feelings about Hitler. Was he really that racist to begin with, or like Trump, was he simply a narcissist that wanted the adoration and noticed that the crowds cheered louder when he would scapegoat the Jews and other minority groups? I’ve seen some of Hitler’s speeches, and indeed, some of the loudest cheers seem to be for any kind of hatred toward the “others” as they saw them.

Is the real villain the narcissistic leaders who feed off the hate, or the cheering crowds who WANT the hate in the first place?

2) Also, as a Bernie fan, I really like Bernie – both his policies and his old-grandpa-get-off-my-lawn personality lol. BUT we must remember that it is the policies that matter most. A movement should never be about one person, it should be about ideas and goals. If we make the progressive movement about one person, or even a few people, then we risk the danger of the movement dying when those people die, disappear, or let us down in some way as most humans eventually do.

(The above are my personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions. I welcome discourse and even disagreement, but please keep it respectful! No name calling or personal attacks on other commenters either please!)

25 responses to “A Couple Political Thoughts”

  1. You make some valid points with your post. I also congratulate you for the courage to address the political arena; as a very divided country over politics, many of us choose not to address it so publicly. I have my own soapbox that I choose to kick aside because I don’t want to become another rant voice. I applaud that you could bring some thought to what you chose to write.

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  2. I think the narcissistic leaders who are most effective are the ones that tap into fear and resentment that already people have. Neither Trump nor Hitler would have gotten the power they did if they weren’t able to hook people in initially.

    I agree with you that a movement shouldn’t be about one person. I’m concerned the divisiveness among Democrats could end up working in Trump’s favour.

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  3. You make some very excellent points in both case. When we vote for people over policies, we tend to lose perspective. People will and often do let you down in the end. Perspective is everything. Well said!

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  4. ♡ Psychological Make Up is very interesting EveryOne; why do We Demand and What We Want in whatever Area of 3DLife, why The Sense of Entitlement to Power, Money, Love et al 🤔 ?


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