Childhood Dreams Realized

You know one awesome aspect of being an adult who collects toys? You can make your childhood dreams come true by buying yourself the toys you wanted most while a kid but never got for one reason or another.

One doll I desperately wanted as a little kid was a Kid Sister doll. For some reason, it just wasn’t meant to be way back then, but I have one now! Just bought this little beauty on Ebay – a rare splurge for myself!


Were there any toys you wanted badly as a kid but never got? If you came across it today would you be tempted to get it for yourself?

16 responses to “Childhood Dreams Realized”

  1. Fabulous splurge! The only toy I ever wanted but didn’t end up getting was a Cabbage Patch doll. But I was pretty My Little Pony obsessed, so I was okay with focusing my toy interests on them.

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  2. Not a toy, but I indulged and bought a concert goose, I always wanted one as a kid.
    Toy wise I was recently gifted a original Lion-O (from the Thunder cats ) action figure.
    I also have a Batmobile collection.
    Some Sailor Moon stuff and am activly looking for a good contition Gonzo from the muppets.

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