Quarantine and Writer’s Block


I’m having one of those days where I just don’t know what to write. Nothing good comes to mind. I don’t really want to share art or poetry today, but I don’t feel like I have much else to share lol. I guess I could write about a few mundane things going on in my quarantined life right now…

  • One of my poor kitties has a huge hematoma (blood-filled cyst) on his ear. We already took him to the vet and they gave him a shot and some medicine, hoping it would shrink, but so far, nothing has effected it. If it doesn’t change by next week, they will have to do surgery to remove it and his ear will always be disfigured. I feel bad for him. His poor ear is flopped over from the weight of the hematoma and he looks like he is in discomfort from it 😦
  • My husband is a teacher and he is trying to figure out how to do the whole homeschooling online with his students thing. You wouldn’t believe how many problems he and the school district have run into trying to get Google classrooms up and running! My poor husband has been frustrated, irritable, and sometimes almost enraged by the technical issues he keeps facing. I feel bad for him and wish I could help, but I can’t. It kind of makes home a less fun place to be sometimes!
  • I really miss being able to decompress by going out shopping. Even if I didn’t buy anything, it was fun and got me out of the house. I miss it. I guess I could still go to Walmart or Meijer or whatever, but I feel that would be unwise unless I really need to go there for groceries or other essentials. I don’t want to contribute to the overloading of our healthcare system if I can avoid it.
  • Watching the news is so depressing, I’ve kind of been avoiding it more lately. I’m usually one of those people who is up to speed on all things happening in the news, but right now it just makes me feel helpless and sad, especially for the poor doctors, nurses, and other emergency and healthcare employees on the front lines of Covid 19.

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30 responses to “Quarantine and Writer’s Block”

  1. Do what I do–write a short story from your childhood. I do that all the time. It’s the only time in my life that I ever felt truly happy, and though sometimes it’s bittersweet to think about, it still cheers me up.

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    • The sad thing is that I didn’t have the happiest childhood. A lot of abuse and family dysfunction put a big damper on it. However, I do still have some good memories, but hard to think of those without thinking of the other stuff too.

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      • In every cloud, regardless how dark it may be, there is a silver lining. You just have to look for it.

        Even with current events, you cannot dwell on despair regardless of what we’re seeing all over the world & here. You have to know everyone is doing the best they can do, except maybe the people who are ignoring the guidelines, that said–we will survive and they will not. And this world will be a better place because of it.

        Be brave. Follow the guidelines. And we will survive this.

        I mean really, to think or approach it in any other way is self-defeating. But we have to brace ourselves for the worst may be yet to come.

        Thankfully, here, we started implementing the guidelines when the first case surfaced in KC and that is the only reason the numbers are what they are here.

        My heart bleeds for the states that did not. I have online friends in other countries who have fallen off the radar. That disturbs me more than anything.

        Isn’t it ironic, however, that Easter is near. I time of hope. That has to mean something.

        And don’t let me talk so much.

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      • Although imagine where we’d be without the truckers. I can’t believe we have let the railroads go to waste. I think individuals who are crossing state lines are simply being reckless. One of the cases in the city I live in had traveled to Colorado, probably to buy marijuana. Which goes a long way in saying how stupid pot heads are.

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  2. Oh dear regarding your husband’s problem. I hope it gets sorted out soon. And poor kitty.

    I feel exactly the same as you about the News. Can’t watch it. I too wish I could just go out. This place is driving me mad.

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  3. I’ve struggled with what to write, too. I actually had a bunch of posts outlined, but they just don’t feel appropriate right now. So every week has been a challenge to settle on a topic and write a post.

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  4. This came at such a great time! (:

    It is NOT the time for writer’s block.

    The opportunities are abundant during these struggles. From financial to self-growth.
    I’ve shared my own exploration of these opportunities recently as well as to how to avoid writer’s block and IMMEDIATELY fix it.

    Creative writing is a subtle act, very delicate.

    I appreciate posts like these that shine light on ways to improve.

    Well written post.
    Thank you for sharing (:

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