WordPress Played Me!!!

Man, WordPress got my hopes up today and then just dashed them. I came to my blog site as I normally do and saw this on the side panel:


8,974 followers??? Yesterday I had around 1,700!!! Of course, after the elation swept through me, my common sense kicked in and I wondered how I could have possibly gotten over 7k followers in one day, especially when my other numbers (post likes, comments, etc.) look about the same. So I checked my blog stats page and I’m still at between 1,700-1,800 followers. Oh well.

Thanks for the heart attack WordPress…and the letdown.

26 responses to “WordPress Played Me!!!”

  1. So sorry you had to experience this jolt. I have only been at blogging for two months or so. I have 50 followers. Your number of followers seems great to me! Any tips for the newby? I am not particularly into Facebook and so on in social media so I may be looking at keeping it small…?

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      • While reading your post, I imagined I would feel the same way. When I first started this blogging gig, my gf who has been doing this for years gave me some great advice. She told me that building an audience takes time, to always be myself and just have fun. Those are the qualities I thrive to achieve when I write each post. I know you do that too and that’s really all that matters.

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  2. ♡ …or you’ve been hacked and that link leads somewhere else; so totally agree WordPress NEEDS!!! to do more around Programming Bugs and User Security


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  3. I don’t know whether to laugh or commiserate! How come it was showing that number? I was super excited last year with finding 4,000 followers… only to be told I’d had a spam attack and once my host provider removed the spammers the true number was revealed.. I feel your pain with the let down! 😂xx

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