Trump Thinks I’m a Fan…


I got an email today from Trump, thanking me for all my support and for being a part of “Trump Nation”…um, I can’t stand you dude.

Where does he get his information from? Does he just buy email lists and then pretend that you already support him, thinking that will somehow guarantee your support in the future? After all, if he says I’ve already supported his campaign, I guess I must have just forgotten, right?

And before you ask, no I am not a Biden supporter, and I was never a Hillary supporter either. I think the whole lot of them are pretty useless and corrupt.

19 responses to “Trump Thinks I’m a Fan…”

  1. That is comical in a warped sort of way, LOL. I’ve defended Trump a few times because I saw the media completely misrepresenting things. Let’s face it though, the guy brings most of the misery on himself. Good ideas are worded like a train wreck and BAD ideas like sending in the military on protesters are enough to make people want to sock him in the nose. More and more I think he’s just part of the system he’s claiming to fight… put there to keep people fighting among themselves.

    The RNC probably bought a mailing list of unaffiliated voters and hoped they could sway a few people with this ploy. Sad, but both parties do it.

    And I agree, they all stink 😛 lol

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    • Yeah, I don’t hate Trump with the furor that many seem to. I see him as more of a narcissistic buffoon. A good entertainer, but horrible leader. It did disgust me the other day when he actually tear gassed peaceful protesters and even church people just to clear the area for a photo op with the church and a Bible.

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  2. We thought you might not appreciate the whole political arena. That reflects our view. Angry people representing extremes of thought shouting each other down in tiny sound bites during never ending campaign cycles is literally about the most revolting public phenomenon not named boxing/wrestling/MMA.

    Our jam is birdwatching with Older Child in unpopulated (ie no crowds) wild spaces with varieties of habitats.

    What’s your jam?

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  3. We couldn’t make up this nonsense even if we tried!! He’s on his way out my friend. He is just nailing his own coffin lately. Good riddance. I refer to him as subhuman. Your opening had me laughing, thanks for that😂

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